Monday, February 28, 2011

Making Plans

The Farmer's Market group met tonight to start planning our 2011 market. I love these folks! They are all so supportive and helpful. There isn't any of that petty stuff you see in some groups. Rather, everyone is eager to do well and see others do well. What a blessing!

Isn't it interesting how organizations take on personalities? Have you noticed that?

I see it in classes all the time. One person can poison an entire group with their negativity. Why is it that one can poison, but six can't make a group positive? It is an interesting phenomenon... and one that I struggle to understand. Think of groups that you work with. Are there some that are a joy and others that make you want to stick sharp pencils in your ears??

Today in my literature class we discussed the Imagist poets. This group issued a "manifesto" of what they believed good poetry required: common language, exact words, compressed thoughts, and freedom from standard poetic conventions such as meter and rhyme. The poets we read today used a lot of colour and so we did an in-class activity where we took white paper and then selected colours we believed best represented our personality and created a self-portrait without figures -- everything had to be images. And then, we wrote a poem about ourselves using either haiku or acrostic poetry. The one thing I noticed was NO ONE used black or grey. The colours were bright, vivid, and bold. The images were as well. It got me to thinking that this class is a positive class -- engaged, learning, fun loving!  Yet, another class might have the same lesson, but their work would be dark and gloomy. Odd that. How does it happen?

Have you noticed this in your world? Are there 'groups' that seem to attract each other? Do we attract what we put out into the world?


  1. Very interesting points! I have been in groups that i felt like I could NOT wait to get out of or stick sharp pencils in my ears!Lol

  2. Hi Matty, what a very interesting question you pose. I have found that to be so true myself, but I have never thought to ask why. Maybe it has it's basis in respect. I have been in groups and classes too where there are those who seem to just "suck up all the air from the room". I love to find people who are passionate about their interests, whatever they may be. I don't have to agree with them, but I love the energy of a person who feels deeply about something and it makes me want to stop and ponder things from their perspective. But if someone doesn't have the ability to show respect for the "differences" it can suddenly become a hostile, self-centered environment. I'm going to give what you said a little more thought! Have a nice evening! Delisa :)

  3. How exciting it must be to be planning the farmer's market again. Now that's a sure sign of spring! There always seems to be one drama queen in a group. I think it sometimes stems from insecurity. Like a naughty little child that acts up, to get their parents attention.


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