Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Presenting! Ta-Da!

This is (from the back) Mollie, Mara, Charlie. You can see their size in comparison to the black hen. I think they are plotting to take over the farm yard. Mollie is a rabble rouser. She runs, skips, twists, and jumps like she is on springs. Mara and Charlie are easily lead astray. The hen is indifferent, thank goodness. If the hens joined the fray, we would be in terrific danger....

Apple and Abe are never far apart. They are Anabelle's kids. Abe has the most adorable markings -- he resembles a holstein cow! They stand this way frequently. I think it is to keep a watch out for me because they know that I will scoop them up and kiss their little faces all over. Apple hates it; Abe kisses back!

A large rock that was once a foundation stone sits in the doe's pasture. The little guys play "Goat of the Hill"  until they are nearly crawling. When I won, they tried to figure out how to dethrone me. I am reminding them that I am She Who Brings Feed. The coup was thwarted. They are, from the left of the big Old Goat on the stone, Chuck, Mara, Abe, (grazing) Mollie, (lying down) Charlie, Lilac, and standing in front and ignoring us all, Apple. Missing from all the photos is Layla. She refuses to have her picture taken. Added: The Mister wants me to point out Steak in the background. He will be on the Mister's plate in, oh, two years...

I plan on keeping all the does and selling the bucks. Two are Alpines and one is an Alpine/Oberhasli cross. They are so sweet; it is hard to think of moving them along the road.

For those who are wondering, my outfit is a custom design from Farm Girl Chic. The ski band is Winnie-the-Pooh, sweatshirt from Spirit of Cross Stitch (1994), sweat pants from K-Mart, and boots from Totes. Hair by Wind. Thank goodness it is a one of a kind... Ever notice how farming inspires one to become a true fashionista!?


  1. I am SO glad you told me about that headband!
    I am in need of one and Winnie-ther-Pooh is SO chic for us farmgals!
    Hiar by wind?
    I thought that was my little secret ;)

  2. They are all so cute!!! I know I have no clue as to the work they must require; all I see are fun little animals!!

  3. Dear Ms. Fashionista, are you trying to make me jealous with your green grass and ability to wear a sweatshirt outside?! Personally, I'm going for the Helena Bonham-Carter wind-do in hairstyles. The little kids are adorable. Your herd must be getting pretty big.

  4. Oh how I love your babies!!! They are so precious. I love the white and black one--I want him :) I am so there with the farm girl chic. I sometimes think to myself, “what has happened to you, you used to care about your clothes and hair and makeup and now you are wearing crocks with socks and no makeup at all.” I kinda like it :)

  5. You crack me up! I can't wait to meet you in person in July...LOL! And I would have a hard time parting with the kiddies too:-)

  6. WooHOO!! Those babies are pretty! I think you are StyliN myself!Lol My hair doesnt usually blow around much its more of the slicked back style that goes Electric when I remove my hat!

  7. Your kids look like they're having a great time. They are really pretty. I love the outfit. I think it should be the farm girl standard attire.

  8. It is cold here so I have on Goodwill purchased sweat pants and an oversized Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. :)

    Beautiful kids! I think Steak's name is quite amusing. Although I'm still not certain I could eat anything I named. Probably traumatic memories from when I was in preschool and found out our pork dinner was my pet pig. Never been the same since then...


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