Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Day Musings -- Another One Gone!

The night I turned 18, I sat down and created a list of 100 things I wanted to experience in my lifetime. While some will never happen, such as jumping from a perfectly fine airplane, others have been scratched from the list with great joy. Some of the ones that are accomplished include: going to San Fransisco, seeing England, meeting Elvis (truly!), and making a quilt. Others seem impossible to acheive: walking the Appalachian Trail or writing a novel (however, dear Clarice has shown me so well how to dream big!).

Today one of the seemingly impossible ones is poised for striking -- seeing the band "Yes." Now, you have to be a person of a certain age and perhaps experience to understand why this is so special! They are one of those bands that, well, just makes my heart sing. The lilting harmonies, the spine-tingling keyboards (I had such a crush on Rick Wakeman! Save me!), and just the musicality of their work makes it joyful. It is haunting, teasing, playful, and positive. Nothing negative; nothing gloomy. Just -- joyful.

So much of our life is spent doing things that we need-have-got-to-do that we need to stop and give ourselves permission to play a little now and then. And, we need to dream -- big, little, silly, serious -- to make life meaningful. My greatest fear is that I will wake one day and say to myself, "Well, here's another one to struggle through." Sure, I get the blues, just ask the Mister, but it only lasts a day or so and then  I am bubbling again. These days have been a little tougher, but, just knowing that I have a play date with the Mister and Yes makes the ones between seem a lot more effortless.

My point? Give yourself time to dream, play, and celebrate life and the tiniest moments that make up the bigger moments that make the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years of your life. Each one is precious and should be savored.

Now, get out of here and go play!


  1. Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes the fun stuff gets fogged in the details of each day. Gotta take time to smell the roses. :D

  2. Ran loved Yes. I think it was the album cover artwork. I didn't know that band was still out there performing.


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