Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That Was Creepy

Wookie, as you well know, is quite elderly and, I keep fearing, drawing close to the end of his life. Now, he has good days and bad days. On the good ones, he runs through the house like the hounds of hades are on his heels and on the bad ones, well, he does nothing but sleep. So, I have been trying to come to terms that we will not pass over to the other side together and that I will be without him one of these days.

Last night he snuggled down between me and the Mister in bed and fell asleep with his head on my hand. About two hours later, I needed to roll over, so I did and he just walked Right Over Me as if it were business as usual, curled up against my tummy and off to sleep we went again.

A few hours later, I was in that weird stage of sleeping-and-not-sleeping and reached down to pet him. Usually he trills, but he didn't. This woke me a bit more; I petted again. Nothing. I touched his side and he was cold.

"Holey cow, this cat has died in my bed," I thought as I jumped up and turned on the light. "Mister! Wookie is dead. Oh my gosh. He's dead!" I began to weep.

Then, Wookie looked up with a very sleepy face as if to say, "No, silly. I was sleeping quite well until Someone woke me..."

I kissed his face and he snuggled back down. I didn't. How can you sleep after that?


  1. Oh boy! We had a dog that used to do that when he got old. Our little fur babies mean so much to us. Well, I'm glad Wookie is still among the living!

  2. Lol! Henery did that the other night. I went to wake him out of his chair and he didnt all...didnt even appear to be breathing.
    I thought, "Finaly. He went in his sleep. Thank goodness." Then we woke up.
    Seriously, if the ol' Professor is going to do it, he must do it in his sleep!

  3. Geez you must have had your heart rate increased with that one~

  4. Hi Matty, I'm sorry you had such a bad scare. I was frightened the other night too, my sweet dog Barkley; an 80 lb. golden retriever, who is like my shadow...was asleep next to me on the couch and started shaking so hard I thought he was having a seizure. I tried to shake him and he didn't move, but it was just like your Wookie, he was in a deep deep sleep. I can only imagine what he was dreaming about! As heartbreaking as it is when our animal friends get older, it is sure comforting to be able to know in our hearts that we gave them the best life possible. It reminds me of a scripture, I think it is in Proverbs, I don't remember the exact chapter and verse, but it says something to the effect that: "God loves those who take care of the souls of their domestic animals". It must make him very happy when he sees someone with a tender heart like you, who is willing to care for his little creatures. Have a good evening! Delisa :)


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