Monday, February 21, 2011

It's No Surprise

I cut my cast off.

And threw it away.

I was annoyed.

It was the cast's fault.

So, today I visited a hand specialist and he concurred that I didn't need a cast. Just drugs. He thinks it is inflammation.

I like this guy. No cast. Drugs for pain. I am going to send him flowers.


  1. I'm a firm believer in reading your own body. Doctors are very helpful and I'm glad I have a good one I like - but they aren't always right. Glad you are able to toss that cast; much easier to knit without it!! (-:

    Still loving this sock knitting adventure. However I think I will be collecting yarn faster than I can knit! Such cute yarn out there!!

  2. Why am I not surprised you cut your cast off...LOL!!

  3. What good news! When I was young I broke my arm and had to wear a cast. But sadly when I got it off, I only had two weeks to rejoice before I broke the other arm, when I was thrown out of bed during a bad earthquake out in California! It would get so itchy I just about went nuts. My mother took a metal clothes hanger and unwound it and I would stick it through the opening at the top of the fingers and scratch and scratch! Memories :) Have a nice evening, sure hope the meds to the trick! Delisa

  4. It amazes me that you kept the thing on as long as you did.
    Enjoy happy land :)

  5. Okay Did I miss something?...When did you get a cast? Going back to look now...

  6. Well that's good news. Just don't overdo it!


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