Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Day Musings -- "We Understand"

I have hope. Where once there was dismay and confusion about how well the youngest generation will fare in this crazy, out-of-control world, I now have confidence that things Might Just Be Okay.

"Gnomio, oh Gnomio!" The not-so-little boys and I went to see "Gnomio and Juliet" today and was it fun! We saw the 3-D version, which leaves me feeling like I am walking in a tunnel afterwards, and ate so much popcorn there is a danger of either exploding or tossing my cookies. Either would be a relief.

For those unfamiliar with the movie, it is Elton John's production of "Romeo and Juliet" except there are gnomes. Red and blue gnomes. All kinds of gnomes! And, as fate would have it, the gnomes hate each other, a la Shakespeare, based on their "colour." But, the story is deeper than that; it is a pretty fair rendering of the play, except, well, there are gnomes. And the lesson of how we are all the same -- we love, dream, hope, and desire in a world that is marked by the lunacy of It's All About Me.

I can't get over how completely brilliant this is conceptually. I mean, we all remember the Velveteen Rabbit, right? Well, can't gnomes come to life as well?

Anyhow, I won't spoil the story for you, as there are some plot differences, however, the kicker for me was when nine-year-old Nat says to his Dad in a most confidential tone: "Dom didn't get it like Aunt Sissie and I did." And, it's true. If a kid that age can get the humor in "Rosengrantz and Gildenstern Movers" and catch the outrageous humor of a pink flamingo as "Friar Lawrence" -- well -- maybe there is hope for this up and coming generation.

And, if there isn't, please don't tell me. I like my world with the purple sky...


  1. I had the best conversation with my little grand nieces and grandnephews at a recent family get-together. If all youngsters are as sweet as they are, I'm pretty certain the world's in good hands.

  2. There is hope for those young'uns cause you are taking the time with them!
    I may actually have to see this movie.
    Knitting may return this afternoon...but with all the biscuits and gravy I ate for will be a fierce battle over a nap ;)


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