Thursday, February 5, 2015

More than roses

Mushroom from Trader Joe's float --
Lima beans (white) and cranberries.. 
Did you know there is a "pretty" end to the cranberries??

My gal pal Donna and I had an amazing trip to Los Angeles for this year's Tournament of Roses Parade. We signed up as volunteers to work on a float while there. We were assigned the "Trader Joe's" float for the day. What fun! We learned about how the floats are designed, the natural products used on them, and the variety of glues used to stick it all together for the big day! And, we learned how 500 volunteers in one building are all kept busy AND fed!

Trader Joe tire -- cranberries,rice, flower pedals, tea leaves

Flowers, stems removed, glued and awaiting placement

Flower building -- everything divided by float!
Nearly done!
The "Trader Joe's" float with scaffolding and workers all around.

The float building was a wonder in organization and planning! Everyone had a job; no one was more or less important or useful. And, everyone we met was just as happy at the end of the long, hard working day as they were at the beginning. 

What fun to see all the floats two days later in the parade. And, while it snowed and there was record cold, we had a marvelous time. After all, life is a party, isn't it? 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

First Day Musings: Finding Beauty

Whitetop Mountain

We live where it is beautiful all year round. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. Every season has something terrific to offer and dazzle the hungry eye and heart.

Creek apples we discovered on the far side of our creek. 
They make delicious applesauce.

Beauty surrounds us; however, isn't it so easy to overlook it? We see it every day. It grows familiar and, before we know it, we no longer see the beauty around us.

Coming home from Los Angeles, January 2,
after attending the Tournament of Roses Parade. 

It only takes leaving home, though, to bring that beauty fresh to our minds when we return to the place where we are loved. We are home.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. -- Confucious

Look for beauty this week!