Friday, February 4, 2011

To Market, to market

The Wytheville farmer's market opens in less than 90 days! Seeds are inventoried and plans are made. Lists are created and ideas bounced around between me and the Mister about what we should have in our stall for this growing season. We have reviewed what other vendors sell. Frankly, we have such a wonderful group of vendors that one may come to the market and leave with nearly everything one would need for the week -- veggies, eggs, lamb or beef, sometimes milk, bread, and dessert. It is a perfect collaboration.

This weekend begins the rush to prepare some goodies for the market. Making soap and canning pumpkin butter are two things on the agenda.

We had a bumper crop of pumpkins last year and those that weren't sold were baked and put in the freezer for later use. One thing I sell out of quickly are pumpkin scones. I had requests for pumpkin butter, but didn't have a receipt. So, after diligent searching, I found one and gave it a try this week. Yummers...

I used a crock pot so I wouldn't have to baby sit it as it simmered. This is quite simple and, if you have a little left over pumpkin in your freezer, it will work beautifully.

Pumpkin Butter

4-5 qts. pumpkin puree (my crock pot holds four -- you want to leave about 1-2" of space between the pumpkin and the top or you'll have the same mess I did!)

2 T. ground cinnamon
1 t. ground cloves
1/2 t. allspice (I used more cause I like this spice -- 3/4 t.)
4 c. sugar (or you could use honey, just 50% less volume  -- 2 c.)

That's it. Turn your pot on low and leave the lid open a skoosh so that the steam can escape and your mixture will thicken.

After your pumpkin has reached the consistency you want, you have the option of using a blender or mixer to puree it more or leave it as it is. I like butters a little chunky, so I didn't puree mine more.

This has to be kept in the refrigerator or you may can it thusly:

Using a pressure canner and a 10-lb. weight, process for 65 minutes for pints and 75 minutes for quarts.

Bake bread while it is processing and cooling. Grab some butter, toss on some pumpkin butter and enjoy!

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  1. Hard to believe that it will soon be spring! Wish I lived near enough to sample your wares.

  2. Hmm never thought about Pumpkin butter....
    It's almost spring?
    Egads, I must start looking to purchase fence for the garden andpraying that the yellow jackets nest elsewhere this year!
    Soap...I always wanted to make some...blasted uncooperative goats... ;)

  3. I was just counting the days till Market season this morning. They call me the "Goat Cheese Lady". I love selling at the Farmers Market. The vendors and people who shop there are great people.

  4. Oh baby, this Ozark Farm Chick has had apple-butter, peach butter and even honey butter but I have never ever sunk my chompers into pumpkin butter. MMmmmmm, it sounds delish!!!

    From the ice packed hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!! :o)

    ( I popped in 'cause I thought you were a Matty who a follower whom I have not seen around for sometime....he's a dude!)

  5. Okay. Can I just say I almost died when I saw your home. How beautiful it is! I found you through Farm Friend Friday at Verde Farm. I'm oh-so-glad I did. :) Enjoyed your post very much.

  6. I am so happy you joined FF Friday :) Love your post and the recipe sounds wonderful. I enjoy going to the farmer’s market so much. Can’t wait till they start opening for the spring. Hope you have a great weekend lady.
    Amy :)

  7. Pumpkin butter--sounds yummy! Where is that soap tutorial btw???;-)

  8. So glad you posted this. I've been searching for a good pumpkin butter recipe. Thanks!

  9. What a blessing to have a market where you can buy all those things. Ours is growing but by bit. Sadly I cannot offord much but I try to suport them the best I can xoxo Clarice


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