Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There Was A Girl ....

who took a motorcycle, plane, and bus to a place called
Cape Cod...

.. and then rode a ferry to Nantucket...
to a house and garden tour!


.....took a boat to a beach....

....and a car to a concert ...

(Which I will try to upload later today.... Internet is being a PUTZ)

....and her feet to a beach ...

.....and saw many wonderful things ...
including whales...

but of all the things she loved the most...

it was seeing this face again!

Ms. P and I have been to Cape Cod to see her sister and take a little vacation. It was marvelous! I ate too much seafood (really, is there such a thing as too much??), walked until my feet were sore, and burned myself to a crispy bit! And, now, it is just two days from returning to work. Sigh. How delightful to end my summer with a nice trip and friends! While I mourn the end of summer, it has been a fine one... just not long enough!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

No Lazy Bee Here!

Baking lots of blueberry - lemon scones for the Farmer's Market ...

Freezing dozens of ears of fresh corn. Grilling some, too! Yummers!
These come from a friend's garden. He had over 100 dozen ears this summer!

Canning peaches from a friend's orchard over in Cana, Virginia. If you can
get peaches from Cana, you will have something wonderful indeed!
It is an area well known for peaches and apples!

Making lots of salsa and pickle relish;
canning beets and tomatoes. I always note the weather
on the lids so when I open them in the winter, I know what
the day was like when I canned 'em. It makes the memory
That Much Sweeter!

Pulling honey supers and getting ready to extract honey.
We will have more than 200 pounds of Lazy Bee Farm Honey
this year! We are so excited!  

Making tons of castile soap to use for the goat's milk soap.
Last week I worked a festival and sold nearly 100 bars in a little under 6 hours!
I can't keep up!

My supervisor, "Sweet Pea." This is the little guy who
was set out and abandoned with his brothers. We
couldn't catch the brothers, but Sweet Pea was so
sweet and ready to come live with us. He loves when we let him
out of his home and play in the kitchen. He is even paper trained!
Gotta love that!

Enjoying the frequent storms we are having. The Mister and I love
to watch the rain and storms. He does it from the porch; I am not that brave.
Moose, Annabelle and I watch from the living room!

This is just a bit of what has been going on around here the past few weeks. I am still picking blueberries for the market and for special orders. Last week I picked more than ten gallons! I am updating (read: painting) my porch furniture. Pictures of that soon along with other Lazy Bee Farm doings! School starts soon.... I will miss being home every day!

What have you been into lately??