Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wear Sun Screen

I never get tired of this...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Month? Seriously??

Yes, I came home. Reluctantly.

I love Okinawa! The people are charming and so dear. The island is beautiful! The Mr. and Mrs. Airman are marvelous! Pictures soon, I promise!

To sum up the month:

Went to Okinawa.
Came home.
Slept 15 hours straight as it took 37 hours to get home. Don't ask.
Back to work.
Anabelle (the goat) had triplets -- two bucks and a doe.
Weeded 149 asparagus plants.
Planted four rows of peas, two of radishes, one of parsnips, one of collards, and two of beets.
Planted 50 blackberry bushes.
Completed a "certified bee keeper" class. Yeppers. Not only am I bona fide, I am certified!
Interviewed to become an artisian vendor at Grayson Highlands State Park (this is a biggie for me and I am thrilled; will know next week.)
Somehow managed to clean out all my clothes to things that fit and feel good. I will only slightly brag when I say that I tossed six garbage bags of clothes for our local charity. Yeah. That felt good!
Built and planted a raised bed for lettuce and strawberries. Both are up. Berries blooming. Lettuce darling.
Waiting for the tractor held hostage in Japan. Honestly, I could have ridden it home. Mostly.

I have missed visiting you all! What have you been into??

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Cheese Please

Today I am feeling very overwhelmed.

This is my schedule nearly every week day:

5:15 Out of bed
        Feed all the inside animals and the outside dogs and cats
        Make coffee or tea
        Pack lunch
        Prepare breakfast
        Clean litter box
        Dress and leave for campus

6:30  Must be in the car and headed to work.

7:30  Arrive work: answer emails, phone messages, counsel students, check assignments

9:30-12:15  Class

12:30-1:30-2 Office hours --- more of the above

2:00 Leave campus and run all errands (feed, grocery store, post office, and so forth)

3:30ish Arrive home
          Answer college emails
           Change for barn
          Start supper
          Feed all the critters in the house and outside again
          Clean litter box

4 (usually)- 6
          Fill woodstove
          Hook-up water
          Dump compost
          Feed, water chickens and gather eggs
          Hay to the bucks
          Turn does out on fresh pasture
          Feed cow
          Clean goat yard, stalls (30 minutes)
          Feed does
          Give does hay
          Feed bucks

6     Finish supper
       Wash all dishes
       Clean eggs and put away
       Start laundry or clean about 1/2 hour
        Make soap, in spring
       Make bee food, in spring
        Check email
        Prepare for class
        Review assignments
       Assorted other homework or housework

9   Bathe
     Knit 30 minutes
     Read Bible, night-night book

10-11 Lights out

1:30 Wake up to put the dog out....

No wonder I am so tired. Just once in a while, I'd like the Mister to beat me home and do this list. Just once. Oh, well, I leave to see the Airman and his bride in Okinawa on Tuesday... And I can rest then... Right??