Thursday, February 10, 2011

I {Heart} Sally Melville!

It took me a long time to give in to purchasing The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville, but now that I have, I am in love! Every pattern in the book is based on the knit stitch. Literally. No Purl. All Garter Stitch, which is wonderful if you are going for speed and texture.

This is the first piece from the collection that I am knitting -- an asymetrical Vest. But, I am making it Symetrical instead. I just don't like the idea of my clothes looking as though I buttoned them wrong. I can do that on my own...

This is knit from Yukon that I had purchased, oh, longer ago than we can speak of here. It was for another project, long since fallen out of love with (read: for the Mister before I knew that he stayed too hot to wear sweaters). The project is on size 10.5 needles and really goes quite fast. There is a huge (note the sarcasm) amount of stitches on the needle -- 48 for the front and 53 for the back. This is going to be snug and warm. I suspect I will wear it a lot because I love vests.

It is interesting to see what Melville has done with the simple garter stitch in her collection. Elizabeth Zimmerman used a lot of this stitch because she, as I, really preferred not to purl. And, she, as I, really liked to avoid much sewing, so most things were knit in one piece with creative bind offs and cast ons. Melville has carried these same ideas through her collection, leaving me with the desire to knit Every Single Thing In The Book. I feel the stash shrinking...

What are you knitting these days??

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  1. That sounds interesting. Bet it would be a good take-along project. Can't wait to see pictures. Knowing how fast you knit, that will probably be this weekend!

  2. I HAVE NOT quit knitting the socks, just need a few moments so I can focus on turning the heel proper...maybe tomorrow morning...early. It's very hard to knit with the grandson needing to be snuggled all the time ;)

  3. I haven't attempted that sweater, I thought that is "funky" with the uneven front...LOL! I can't wait to see how you fix it;-)

  4. I am not knitting anything.. However for Christmas we bought our middle girl one of those crazy knitters and she has made a scarf and is workign on making me a bag right now. Its made with a cotton yarn and Once she gets to a certain length I will stitch the sides together and add a strap.. We will see how it works out. She LOVES her crazy knitter.

  5. At the moment I'm working on a Prayer Shawl. I'm getting this book today. I'm all about speed and texture. Thanks.

  6. I don't knit, but I sure love your goaties!

  7. I want to start knitting again. I learned when I was a kid and feel like I could pick it up again quickly but need a good teacher. Thanks for linking up to FF Friday :) Have a great weekend!!


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