Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh, Geez...

While trimming Clara's hooves tonight, I slipped and cut too deeply. It bled. And bled. And bled. Nothing would stop it. I tried blood stop (this stuff is really neat) and then applied pressure. After 20 minutes, it was still bleeding. I got worried and called our vet who recommended that I apply a pressure bandage and a baggie. She said leave it alone tonight and check it in the morning.

Of course, I can't wait. I have checked it twice and no blood is showing, so I hope the pressure bandage and the blood stop I put on the bandage works. She isn't limping, so I feel pretty confident it isn't debilitating. Except to me. I have cried and cried over hurting her!

We won't talk about how the other does are jealous of the fine new plastic bag on her foot to keep the bandage clean and dry. And, we won't tell them that it isn't a fashion statement. Let's keep that be our little secret....


  1. Just cut Georgie's nails and cut too short and it bled so I can really emphasize Matty. Hope all will be well!

  2. Oh I can understand how upset you must be. When I did trim the goats hooves I was a nervous wreck! I am sure with all your ministrations she will heal well:-)

  3. Sounds like she will be fine!!! Hope you will feel better too!!! hugs

  4. At my first glance I though you said you cut your foot...we would have matched ;)
    Then I read it slowly and saw hoof...I'm sorry I am sooo tired!
    I'm sure she'll forgive you! Now forgive yourself!

  5. Ahh I hate that! I havent done it in a while but I am sure I will again one day!.. It makes you feel Horrible!!

  6. If you trim very many hooves, it's bound to happen some time. I hate it when it does. I probably don't trim close enough anymore just because I'm worried that I'll nick them. I'm sure she'll be fine. It sounds like you've taken good care of her.

  7. Ahhh, sweetie, I have BTDT not with a doe but with our dog, and it bleeds forever! I feel your tears, and give you a BIG HUG...you will be thrilled today, I bet, to see that she is her old self and has no sign of it in her spirit or step...and it will make you feel so much better. You are such a good Mama, that I know it will all be well.

  8. Hope all is well today - for both you and Clara!

    Socks are going well, Matty. I am having so much fun! More photos will follow, I'm sure. Thanks so much!!!

  9. Meant empathize. Gee whiz! Spellcheck always changes my words for me!

  10. Hi Matty:
    It sounds like you take very loving and compassionate care of your animals and I know that your Clara senses that. You had only the best of motives and all turned out well in the end. Having a tender heart hurts during times like these, but it is such a beautiful thing to have, and probably one reason why your animals love and respond to you. I can tell you must be a very good caregiver or you wouldn't care so much. Delisa :)


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