Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I don't get it...

My friend E called a few minutes ago. Seems her husband was at their calf barn, located on a busy road, getting ready feed their calves. Three hunters stopped and something happened between them and her husband. We don't know what. The Sheriff didn't say.

He did say that her 73-year-old husband was beaten badly and being transported to the local emergency room for treatment.


Why did this happen?

What is wrong with our world that a man could be going about his business and some stranger can beat the tar out of him without so much as a by-your-leave?

How can these people even sleep at night?

How can anyone justify such a random act of violence against any other human being?

I just don't get it...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Not Thankful

Usually this is the time of year when we all sit down and say what we are Thankful For In Our Lives. However, this year, I want to catalog what I am Not Thankful For In My Life.

10.) I am not thankful that there is still hunger in this world; however, I am thankful that not only do I have enough, but more than enough to share.

9.) I am not thankful that the cost of gas and food continues to soar; however, I am thankful that I have both in abundance and can use it wisely enough that I am part of the solution and not part of the problem.

8.) I am not thankful that there is still intolerance; however, I am thankful that I was part of a remarkable family who taught that we are all the same and deserve respect and love.

7.) I am not thankful that unemployment remains far too high for such an affluent country; however, I am thankful that I have a job (even though it sometimes makes me crazy!) and that I am hopefully preparing those who will be In Charge in just a few years.

6.) I am not thankful that women and children are often exploited; however, I am thankful that I live in a country where women do have a voice and that children are protected not only by laws, but by WOMEN who help make the laws!

5.) I am not thankful that diseases such as those that impact the heart and lungs are still prevalent; however, I am thankful that researchers are learning more each day that will not only improve the quality of life for those suffering, but will eventually wipe these off the planet, much as they did polio.

4.) I am not thankful that medical care costs so much; however, I am thankful that I not only have access to reliable medical care, but that, because I have decent food, clothing, and shelter, that I require less of that care than those who don't.

3.) I am not thankful for those who sleep on the streets, under bridges, by the river, or in the parks; however, I am thankful for Lazy Bee Farm (Thank You, Father!) and for the opportunity to serve in a way to help those without to have security and safety.

2.) I am not thankful for war; however, I am thankful that we as individuals can still work toward peace every day in our own little worlds.

1.) I am not thankful for the politics of our Nation these days; however, I am thankful that I live in a country where I can write this, speak this, and argue this, and not have to worry that I will end up in a little fenced in place with only bread and water for speaking my truth.

And with that, dear ones, I leave you with the most sincere and heartfelt wishes for a Thankful Thanksgiving! Celebrate your blessings and meet me back here on Saturday!


Your Matty

Sunday, November 20, 2011

First day musings --- A Favor?

Dear Person In Charge,

The day after Halloween, I was in a certain big box store and heard Christmas music. I took a deep breath, finished my shopping, and vowed not to go back in there until New Year's Day. I was Perfectly Okay with that as I don't like the big box store anyhow and olnly went in there because I Had To.

Last week, I turned my car radio on to my favorite oldies station. Christmas Music. Yeppers. Fa-la-la-la-la. Bleh.

Today, I was coming home from my parent's house. Sigh. There it was. A huge annoying over-the-top Inflatable Santa. If I had my BB gun, I would have shot it. Numerous times.

I'm not a humbug. I am not a Scrooge. But, starting Christmas three months early is like having candy every day for breakfast. After a few days, you start to want something different. Would it be too much to ask that if Chrsitmas has to be commercialized, can it at least wait until AFTER Thanksgiving? If you would only wait until then, I will be the very first to stand on my porch, stringing those atrocious lights, setting up my inflatable Santa Claus and singing "Deck the Halls!" at the top of my lungs.


Your Friend Matty

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Give me an F!

Student: Why did you give me an F in the course?

Me: You didn't do much work. This is what you earned.

Student: What do you mean I didn't do the work? I did!

Me: We had 12 tests, 32 writing assignments, 1 formal report, and a presentation. You took three tests and did five writing assignments. Doesn't it make sense that this grade should be an F?

Student: Well, a body shouldn't have to do all the work to get a C.

Me... banging my head on the desk. I should have been a bus driver....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

With Love, The Hamster

Dear Universe:

This has been my morning so far:

5:00 a.m.
Feed cat.
Feed birds.
Feed fish.
Feed barn cats.
Feed dogs.
Feed baby hens.
Put on a batch of soap.
Make breakfast.
Stir soap.
Feed Mister breakfast.
Stir soap.
Clear the table.
Stir soap.
Set out the chicken for supper.
Clean the cat box.
Remake the bed (the sheets don't get smoothed by the other occupant).
Stir soap.
Pack lunch.
Wash and dry hair.
Dress for work.
Pour soap in molds to cool.
Make sure all the lights are off.
Check Wookie's bowl for food and water one more time.
Carry lunch and everything else to the car.
Drive the car an hour to work.

7:30 a.m.. Start work.... like I haven't already been working....

So, Dear Universe, will you cut me some slack?? Just for today, let's not have any of the stupidness of yesterday ("Dear Ms. H, It is your fault that I am so stupid that I looked at Figure 23.1 and not Assignment 23.1..." or, my personal favorite, Me: You will need to take English 111 in the spring. Student: Shut up.). Could we slow the wheel down, just a skoosh, please??

I will be forever grateful.

The Hamster

Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Day Musings -- Life on the Farm

We had good friends drop in yesterday to admire our woodstove while they consider if they want one or not for their place. Of course, we are sold on it, even though there is that whole having to cut wood all summer thing. It is affordable, warm, and, most of all, heats the whole house --- which is a novel experience as we couldn't before.

They wandered the property, watching as I took the girls to graze across the road for a bit, fed the hens, and then the goats. And they followed the Mister as he fed the bucks and put out hay. They repeatedly said, "We could never do what you do" as they watched us. I just laughed.

Most days on the farm, I love it. And then there are the days when the goats won't mind, the bucks beat me half to death, the dogs drag in deer parts, and the rain or cold makes it nearly impossible to get out. Or there are the days when I just don't want to do this; I just want to live in a condo somewhere and someone else does the yard work. In short, I am run down at the heels dead dog tired.

When the Airman was a wee Airman and it was just the two of us, this is the life I dreamt of and wanted. Now that I have it, I am sad that I am more than half through my life and on the downhill side at that. Yet, I can see that living here, doing what I do, will keep me younger and healthier than if I were in that condo. I would perish there.

Jane has the most marvelous post about how we all find what we love even when no one else shares that love. I guess that is how I feel about here. My dear friend Darlene made the comment that this house would do until she could find something better, I have to remind myself that her idea of better is a modular home in town. It is warm, safe, comfortable, but it would not suit me anymore than living here would suit her.

So, for all its quirks, there really is no place like home. Even if the chickens are on the porch and the goats eat my roses. It is home. What do you love most about your home?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Morning Has Broken

First, thank you and God bless all our Veterans and soldiers on this day! Veteran's Day has become even more dear to me since the Airman joined up. Thank you all for your service and sacrifice!

This morning the sky is a shell pink with rolling balls of clouds skirting it, giving it a sort of "oops! I put something red in the laundry" look. The wind is gusting, not blowing, shaking the trees, rattling them, as if to clear the last of the fall from them as they dress for coming winter. It is truly a late fall morning --- 22-degrees and frosty.

Most people complain about this time of year when the cold is coming and mornings challenge one to leave the snuggled hole in their sheets and blankets for the briskness of the waking house. I love it. Even though I have to wear a sweatshirt over my jammies and wool socks on my feet, I love it. There is something crisp about the morning that gives the day promise. We are, thankfully, back to the time that works for me -- no more daylight savings time.... which I don't ever understand because daylight can't be saved.

When the Mister goes to toss the morning hay, the gals are already awake, watching for his head to come over the small hill. The chickens are singing their morning song. Moose and Anabel dance and tease like puppies; they are both winter dogs and languish in summer's heat. Wookie, who has spent the night stretched across my legs, tumbles from the bed, fusses, eats, and rushes back to reconquer the now empty bed in hopes that I will leave it unmade so that he might snuggle down once more in his little nest.

We have had two skiffs of snow. Neither has warranted the celebratory "Snowman"movie and hot chocolate we have to mark the First Snow of the Season. But, it is coming. I have chocolate, our snowman mugs, and the movie waiting. Maybe by Thanksgiving we will have our little party. Have you seen this dear movie? It is based on the book by the same name by Raymond Briggs. We adore it. Before you tumble out through your day, enjoy this clip:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As Inigo said...

let me sum up....

1) New Washer and I are in love. We can't stop seeing each other. It is shameful how we are spending so much time together. I fear the Mister will figure it out.

2) It is possible to have one's car nearly destroyed by wildlife. This is primary research (as I tell my students). The deer hit me. An owl hit the windshield. Same day. Ten minutes apart. A little over $2000 damage to an 11 year old car. Yes. I was insured.

3) No, I wasn't hurt.

4) No, the deer didn't die. The owl might have. We aren't sure. No body, so we are hoping.

5) The Airman sent me flowers for his birthday with a card: "Thank you for making me who I am today." I guess I got it right after all.

6) Work is kicking my hinney. Really. Too many essays. Too many quizzes. Too much time. No time for blogging.

7) Solar is going into the barn. Yeppers. I have made the plunge and contracted a man to do it for me. I am thrilled. The Mister will know when he reads the blog. I hope he is thrilled.

8) Lazy Bee Farm is going international! I was asked to provide a child's hat and a pair of baby socks for a very nice person going to China on business. He wanted to take something local as a homewarming kind of gift. I was quite honored! Thanks!

9) We had snow last week. That's wrong, that's wrong, that's wrong. It should be after Halloween and not before!

10) Christmas caroles are playing in the stores. I will be doing all my limited shopping by Internet until January!

Hopefully things will calm down and I can get back to regular visiting and writing. I miss it! And you!

In the meantime...