Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maybe I Need to Dress...

Last night I met my parents at the funeral home for my Uncle's brother's viewing. I came right from work, so I showed up looking like I do when I work and not like I do at home. My hair was up, lipstick, earrings and other jewelry on, corduroy jacket, khakis, dress blouse, but still in in boots! As I walked in, my parents were standing right at the door in the line. Mother smiled and said, "Hello" as she does to strangers. My father did the same. I walked up to them and said, "Hey! Let me go to the end of the line." At this point, they realized who I was and asked the folks behind them if I could "cut."

Later, at home, Mother confided, "I didn't know you when you came in. I never see you dressed like a grown-up."



  1. Oh I love it! Those parents! I often wonder if I need to make more of an effort to dress nicely because when I do, people always comment that I clean up nice! Makes me wonder what I look like the rest of the time.

  2. That was so cute Matty. I was just thinking about my parents yesterday, both have been past away for quite some time, but their words come back to me in some form, every single day. I was kind of a plain teenager, you know how it was in the late 1970's hair parted in the middle, no makeup, tiny gold classes. The girl's call it Bohemian Chic now, but it was considered "Hippy-ish" back then and my parents did not like that. My Mom wouldn't let me leave the house till I put lipstick on! It is so ingrained in me now it is second nature. Yesterday I was at the dentist and I looked down and saw red lipstick all over his gloves and when I looked in the mirror it was smeared all over my face! Ha ha. Mom would be proud! Delisa :)


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