Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simple Things

One of the things that summer brings which is so much joy is the ability to gather flowers at will.

Using whatever I have for vases makes the arrangements all the more interesting.
I have added red and blue food colouring to this vase so the hydrangeas will turn purple. Of course!

I love yellow and blue together. It is so crisp!
These are from my Grandmother's flower garden, transplanted when she died ten years ago.
She called them "Goldenrods."

Can you see the extra little treat in the bouquets?
I read on Susan Branch's blog that she did that and loved the idea.
They smell wonderful!

Do you keep flowers in the house?


  1. Hi Matty! I have a little cutting garden with sunflowers, zinnias and such. It's such a delight to have fresh flowers in the house. Never thought to dye the hydrangeas! Adding mint to the arrangements is a great idea. Love that Susan Branch bog, don't you?

  2. I didn't know about the food coloring trick! I must try that! Love Susan Branch's books and blog.

  3. I too love yellow and blue together. With mint it would be heavenly....

  4. Hi Matty, I put mint in my bouquets too! I started doing that years ago, I love the fresh scent. I did my kitchen in blue an yellow! I love the combination. We are also going to paint our living room soon a butter cream yellow. I have lots of blue and white china nick nacks and I am hoping to find just the right blue and white material for the curtains. I love fresh flowers so much. I don't have a flower garden here in Georgia, but I used to have a beautiful rose garden in California. I still dream about my giant cabbage roses as big as a desert plate! This time of year I had roses in every room. I also love gardenias and like to float just one of two in a pretty crystal bowl. Our climate here in the low country isn't very good for flower gardens. So when I see beautiful bouquets now, they are even more special. I hope you are having a good week. It was 104 today and still as hot as can be. Have a lovely afternoon ahead. Delisa :)

  5. I love hydrangeas! We have a beautiful full white one outside our kitchen window and it looks so happy after being moved 2 yrs ago! I am going to have to try the dye trick! I usually dry mine in the fall for arrangements.
    Love your blog, my 1st time here, from S Branch blog, going to try her Brazilian lemonade tomorrow!


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