Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

Before I even sat down to work on the computer this morning, I dropped my coffee on the lovely handtied rug in front on my rocker and my English muffin with peanut butter face down on top of the coffee. Somehow, I don't trust today.

After dropping my toast and coffee, I sat down to read college email. Another professor had sent out an email reminding us to vote for our safety video which is a finalist in the statewide contest. Sadly, he meant to write "push." He missed a letter. I can't stop giggling because the next email from him attempted to explain it. Somehow, I think his day is going to be worse than mine. Lesson: proofread and don't explain.

Yesterday we had 46 eggs. (Yes, Ron, I have JUMBOS this week!) The girls are happy to be rid of the snake. Me, too.

Moose and Anabell aren't eating their food which means they have found deer remains somewhere. I have tried to catch them so we could get rid of it, but haven't been able to do it until Tuesday morning when I saw Moosie come to the porch, nudge Anabel and the two of them sauntered down the road. Evidently, they thought I had left, because when I showed up with the car following them (I was on an errand), they took off running to the house as though they had been caught with their paws in the Milk Bone jar. Isn't it funny how even dogs feel guilty? What's up with that??

Monday morning the Mister went out to uncover the bike for his ride to work. He heard: "Peep! peep! peep!" He looked everywhere, but couldn't find the source... that is... until he lifted the other bike cover. One of the escapee hens had set up a nest and her little guys were hatching! We have two yellow diddles and one black diddle. Mama is doing well; we are now checking everywhere for more rogue nests.

My nephew, who is 12, has decided to go into real estate because his CDs are not earning enough money. He is now looking at houses. He announced after leaving one house: "It smells like dog pee and would cost to much to recarpet. We need a fixer upper, but not one that needs that much fixer upping..." Somehow, I feel a future tycoon in the making.

Fall is in the air. For three nights now we have had to use a blanket and I have offered the Mister $20 to get up first and close the windows. Where did summer go?

How's your week been??


  1. Well, when you start out the day that way, there's no where to go but up. That's funny about the dogs acting like naughty children.

  2. My day started off less than stellar also. Rolled over, looked at the clock 7:50am. I have to be to work at 8am. The next 10 minutes were like I was shot out of a cannon. Not a great start!

  3. Sorry about the rug... Funny thing in our devotional this morning.. It said when your bread falls jellly side down then that means God is telling you that you shouldnt snack between meals!Lol It was of course joking..But was saying how God talks to us through every day things if we are listening. Lol at the lack of Spell checking Been there and Done that!.

    Yeah Babies!!!
    Its cooling off here too.. Its absolutely gorgeous out! 88* is the high today.
    That Nephew... I have a couple of girls just a little older then him but seeing how he is so smart and all....LOL J/K I am NOT trying to marry my girls off... Yet!.....Lol

  4. Love this little post today. It brought a smile to my face! I think your nephew is surely onto something big! Pretty cool about the chicks. I'm seriously considering chickens for next year.
    Have a great day!


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