Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Little Research

As an academic, it is important that I continually conduct research in order to keep current in my field. As such, I have found that primary research, that which I conduct myself and not those of another researcher, are the most reliable and valid sources of information that I can utilize. As such, I present for you my findings on:

The top ten things to do in a meeting

10. Read an assignment you are giving to your students.
9.   Knit.
8.   Try to sleep without snoring.
7.   Count how many other people are sleeping and are snoring.
6.   Take bets with your seatmates over who will go to sleep first.
5.   Text the most pregnant staff member and suggest she stand up and scream, "My water broke!"
4.   Text another faculty member and ask them to grab their chest and fall on the floor (if number five doesn't work).
3.   Play "Angry Birds" on your phone.
2.   Count how many times the words "stakeholder", "progress", and "change" are used in one presentation.
1.   Play "Hang Man" with a colleague using only words that describe the meeting.

Guess what I did today?


  1. You're a nut Matty! Must be fun to hang around. Does anything ever get done at these committee meetings? Someone once said that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.(Even the word is annoying to type with it's double letters!)

  2. LOL! I cant handle meeting where its one person droning on and on about some thing.. Lol.. I do fine in church but if they get to boring my ADD kicks in and I start counting things or checking out all the various things going on.!Lol

  3. LOL, 9 xox Clarice

  4. My husband is in and out of meetings throughout the week and he feels very much the same way. I read your post to him and he got a big kick out of it! I hope that you have a nice new school year ahead and get to concentrate on all the fun stuff and that these meetings will be few and far between. I know..wishful thinking, but we can still hope. Love the video of your husband playing his instrument. My goodness he is wonderfully talented. Enjoy you evening! :) Delisa


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