Friday, August 12, 2011

Make Mine Boysenberry, Please

I am redoing our front storm door. The original storm door is 15, no, 20 years old and last spring, Anabelle (the dog) plunged through it during a storm. She is deathly afraid of any loud noise and this particular storm had her coming undone. Before I could open it to let her in, rrrrriiiipppp, she tore right through it.

So, I spent a little time looking for Just The Right Storm Door and found it; but, it was a custom order and I had to wait for it to be manufactured and shipped. It took, sigh. six weeks.

But, here it is:

Did you notice that it has a SOLID bottom panel?? 
So much for puppies coming in No Matter What!
Sanding done; the primer is done as well. And, now, well, I am painting it this lovely colour:

Boysenberry Jam.

Isn't it lovely?
Can you see my fine helper?
He watches the underside for runs and spills.
He is a great painter...
I just hope the Mister doesn't mind
that the Mooser is sporting a little bit of Jam when he comes home...


  1. Now that was worth waiting for....

    Will it snap on it's spring hinge? Just like in the Walton's? I always love that sound! A sound of summer in my view.

    I notice Annabelle is inspecting.... (smile)

  2. Pretty! Don't you love the names of paint colors?

  3. Hi Matty, I love your door and what a beautiful color! I know if I walked up to a porch and saw a door the color of blueberry jam it would bring joy to my heart and I would instantly know a very fun and creative woman lives inside! :) Wonderful job, have a great weekend! Delisa :)

  4. Ohhh great color xoxox Clarice


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