Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Show Me You Love Me

When the Mister and I were married,
it was a party with a wedding in the midst of it.
Our ceremony was by the creek on his farm at the time,
Sycamore Springs Farm.
We had tents, his band mates, and lots of good food.
Besides Grandma's Lemonade, we had pimento cheese sandwiches.
It is one of our favorites; we have joked that
even as we are getting ready to step to the other side,
our last meal will have to be our form of ambrosia... food of the gods..

Easy Peasy Pimento Cheese

Start with 1/2 of the large Velvetta cheese
(the fat kind, not the 2% milk kind -- bleh),
1/2-3/4 c. Miracle Whip (or Mayo),
and a small jar of pimentos.
I also toss in some shredded
whatever-we-have-in-the-fridge-that-needs-eaten cheese.
This batch it is some Colby. Cube the Velvetta and grate the other cheese.

Everything goes in the food processor at one time.
Using your blending plate, blend for one or two minutes until it looks like:

This is the best part. Sample and make sure you have enough Miracle Whip to suit
your taste. I like mine rather chunky, so this is perfect for me. If you
like yours smoother, blend longer and add more Miracle Whip.

After putting the spread in a sealable bowl or Tupperware,
scoop out a small amount for a sandwich.
Scrape all the best, chunkiest, tastiest part from under the blender blade
and make yourself a very delicious sandwich. After adding a
very ripe white peach for dessert,
you will be ready for a nappie
after lunch.

When the Mister came home last night and saw this in the refrigerator, he turned around and said: "Baby, you're the best!" I felt like Jackie Gleason had dropped in!
Bon appetite!


  1. Oh Matty! Tempting me with things that I'm not supposed to eat! Sure makes my mouth water. Well. I'll focus on the peach that looks beautiful. Did you grow it on your farm? I love that you served the sandwiches at your wedding. We had a backyard affair too, with friends bringing food. We had kielbasa. How's that for elegant? I agree with the Mister, you are the greatest!

  2. I remember my mom getting pimento cheese when I was younger.. I didnt really like it. She also liked Pickle loaf(?) ICK!! I like the laid back weddings.. I had a big church wedding.. If I had to do it again it would be outside with BBQ,friends, family and mason jars! I do have 3 girls to plan for eventually! Lol


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