Monday, August 15, 2011

You Might Need to Know This

Cleaned the hen house.

Found a six foot black snake who had taken up residence in the hen house.

And she liked it.

A lot. A whole lot.

There may have been just a little screaming.

And running.

A water hose was involved.

Snakes don't like cold water.

Just so you know.

Don't ask how I do.

Someday, though, you might be glad you do. 

P.S. The Mister is my hero. He just counted the loops as the snake was coiled up and said, "Gee, it sure is pretty. Look at that! Isn't she pretty? Wow! And she isn't that fat, is she?"

Note to other Misters: Never say a snake isn't fat. It implies the listener is... Just saying...

Happy Monday!


  1. I was just remarking to Christopher recently that we don't see snakes around the yards like we did when I was growing up.

    Hearing about that six foot snake... well... I guess that is one thing about modern life I don't mind at all. :)

    This summer has been the "year of the spiders" for us. Spiders as big as Buicks. Must be the wet spring and hot summer.

  2. What, you didn't take her picture? LOL!

  3. Thanks for that information! Hopefully I will never need to use it. You sure get yourself into some predicaments Matty!

  4. Good advice on the cold water, but my first instinct would be run away screaming like a little girl!

  5. LOL!Well I'll try to remember the cold water thing if I can stay calm enough, but I usually just run!

  6. Screaming would be my first choice...running, the second. Back for the cold water hose treatment...not on your life. Snakes and I are not friends. Were the chickens ok?

  7. Dear Matty,

    Thank you for the words of advice; we haven't seen any black snakes here yet, only garter snakes, but we've learned that they like to eat baby birds, too! Naughty things!

    I love your new screen door, too. :)



  8. Hi Matty, wow, that must have been very scary. We have black snakes here where we live too. My neighbor found one in her barn a couple of months ago. We also have poisonous snakes and once shortly after we came to Georgia, I almost stepped on one that had come up to the back porch area. It was pitch black outside and I was taking Barkley out to do his business. All I saw was a blacker shadow against the black night, and thankfully moved my foot just in time! It had come up close to the house and had eaten a frog or a mouse or something and was digesting it, that was why it didn't immediately respond. I pulled Barkley in as fast as I could move and called my husband. (There may have been screaming, I like to think there wasn't but...let's just to with "there may have been screaming!") I believe Tony said it was a cotton mouth. I was trembling all over. My hubby did what he had to do, but it sure was scary, especially for a California girl that had never seen anything bigger than a garden lizard. Sorry you had such a scare. Rest well tonight and dream of nice happy non-threatening mammals. Delisa :)

  9. Poor snake! She has babies to feed ya know? since Her mister ran off with that younger Thinner snake... All she gets is cold water treatment and throwed out of her new digs.... Life is just not fair..... LOL... Snakes dont bother me near as much as they did when I was younger.


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