Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We don't need no stinking customer service...

It's a long story, but it ends up like this.

I ordered my father a very expensive ham for Thanksgiving. He went through radiation treatments recently and is not eating the best in the world. When your Daddy asks for a special something to eat, you move heaven and earth to do it, right? Besides, I have to be the favorite daughter sometimes!

When it arrived, it was so salty we couldn't eat it. I have tried twice now to get some kind of resolution. The first attempt ended up in an offer from the customer service representative for 10-percent off my NEXT order. Today was the winner, though. The customer service rep accidentally sent me an email meant for a co-worker. The implication was that I was trying to wrangle another ham from them for free. Let me assure you; as expensive as the first one was, I should have a replacement hand delivered by the company CEO.

I was not pleased and let her know that. And that I would write the CEO and copy the email to him. The response was an apology that she would never send such an email to a customer. There was no resolution.

In the meantime, I want to sit down and cry.
So, kids, is it just me or has customer service gone to the dogs? Could this be one of the reasons that the American economy has tanked? What do you think?


  1. Are you sure you weren't talking to some person in India? Seems like alot of the customer service reps for companies are hired there--very frustrating! But I agree, it certainly isn't what it used to be:-( Sorry it turned out that way when you wanted to bless your Dad.

  2. It took us six weeks of talking to someone in India to finally prove to them we needed a new router. We ended up getting a phone call from a supervisor wanting to know the whole story and apologizing to us that it took so long.

    I'd call them back and ask to talk to a supervisor this time.

  3. Good ustomer service is such a rare things these days ANYWHERE!
    Dont let them win...send that email to the CEO and I would even think about contacting your local TV channel if it stayed unresolved...our channels here have a consumer reporter who will air your story if you have had an icident along these lines..customer service sucks but CEO's dont like anyone to think its there company!!

  4. Matty,
    Oh my goodness how rude. She should have bought a ham for you out of her own pocket after she made that big mistake. Hope you get it resolved in time for Christmas.

  5. Well isn't it the way things are now days? The customer is always right is just something that is foreign in most stores. Since they aren't going to take the ham back, have you tried soaking it? If it's still salty change the water and soak it again.



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