Friday, December 18, 2009

No one told me

When I became a Mum, no one told me that I would be one FOREVER!!! Yes, yes, I knew that I would be a "mum" forever. What I didn't know was that I would worry forever!

My son is 27; he is in leaving for Air Force explosive devise training in February. He has lived away from home for eight years, until the past six months while waiting to leave for Texas. He is a free man. He is an adult. He is going to dismantle bombs, for goodness sake.

So, why is it that when he got in my ancient truck (it is older than he by almost ten years!) and took off to spend the weekend with a buddy 50 miles away that I got nearly sick? Could it be that we are forecasted to have between one and two feet of snow??

My son was hard to come by. I was nearly 28 when he was born and he is the only baby I carried to term. He was a very sickly little boy and had gamma globulin shots twice a week for the first two years of his life. During the first six months of his life, he had the diagnosis of cystic fibrous, but it ended up that he had terrible food allergies. The pediatrician had him nurse until he was nearly three; I thought I was always going to have an appendage. Then, amazingly, he outgrew all of it and flourished. He has been sick twice since he was three. He has only had one accident involving an emergency room visit. In short, he is blessed and so am I.

He is smart enough to know to stay in. He will. I imagine he will shoot pool, lift weights, cook, and drink beer. These are his favorite things, next to chasing women. He is 27 and these are things that 27-year-old single men do. I understand that. But, why do I feel the need to protect him? Will I be one of those moms who cries the whole time he is gone in service? Geez. I have to get a grip.

In the meantime, the snow is falling and I am worrying and pondering the weirdness of motherhood.


  1. There is one thing that somewhat abates the worry - getting them married off! Then there spouse is the one that will be alarmed when they are out driving around in a storm. You know - ignorance is bliss. But you will always have worries and fears. Look it up in the thesaurus, they are synonymous with motherhood!


  2. Sorry Matty, your doomed to worry the rest of your natural days on this earth whether they are 7 or 27:-) Although, Jane is right, when they marry it gets easier. When he goes blog about it so we can keep him in our prayers.

  3. I was wondering if you were getting the heavy snow. It looked like you were right in the midst of the storm's path.

    Do let us know he arrived safe and sound! I completely understand even though mine is twenty and lives at home. He's been driving home in the wee hours of the morning after studying all night. I've forced myself to go to sleep!

  4. He is with a friend until the storm passes; thanks for asking. I will be sure to let you all know when he leaves for Texas. There will be great weeping, I fear! Thanks for the support, ya'll.

    Yeppers; we have more than eight inches of snow and more coming down. The forecast is for two inches an hour until dawn. Yippee! That means two feet of snow! :)

  5. I have a hard time not calling them "my babies"! Our 27 year old just txtd to say he was home from work and I felt utter relief...does he have to chase bad guys for a living? Before that, he pulled them from accidents and shootings....I want to wrap him in bubble wrap and make him be a goat farmer...too bad he isnt an animal lover!
    They are our babies forever...I dont find it easier now that two of the three are married...nope, now I have another two more "babes" to worry about!!!

  6. No matter their age, they are always our "kids" and we will continue to worry - and pray for them.


  7. I can relate, Matty, my sweet friend, and when I recently asked my own mom when you stop worrying about your kids (mine are 17 and 20), mom's reply was I'll let you know. So, I guess this is a universal and eternal thing for us moms.

    Sending hugs :)
    Stay safe and warm in your snow.

    PS: I posted about the most amazing soaps (I am thinking that you made :))that you sent me, on my blog...thank you so very much for you generosity, the tea party was so much fun, can we have another one? I am so sorry that this Thank you and my post are so very late.


  8. It's the mom DNA never deactivates. :) I empathize with you times three!!
    Tracey xox

  9. Akkkk do not tell my I will still be worrying like this 10 years from now. sighhhh xoxoxo Clarice


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