Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Nicholas' Birthday!
I love today! It is St. Nicholas' birthday. Diane and Sarah have a lovely post here. Be sure to linger over the photographs of the Dundee cakes! So lovely! I agree with Jane; they are too pretty to eat!
I love the story of St. Nick and how he loved others; it is such a sweet story! We try to start our decorating today and finish up the Sunday before Christmas. Since it is the end of the semester, it is tough to do it all at one time!
Progress today will be the roping, Moravin star (I am in North Carolina -- I think it is State law to have one up!), and bows on the roping. If I don't get a move on, it won't happen!
Happy birthday, St. Nick!


  1. Happy St. Nicholas Day to you Matty! The roping and Moravian Star sounds so pretty!


  2. I have to admit I had to look up a picture of a Morovian Star; now I know what those beautiful stars are called.

    I love the illustrations on the St Nicholas website. Thanks for all the fun information - and enjoy your decorating!


  3. We had a yummy tea and the girls got chocolate letters. I love Moravin stars, you do not see them much around here. You will have to take pictures. Have fun !!!!! Clarice


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