Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

This is what it looks like at Lazy Bee Farm this morning.

The house looks like a picture from an old Victorian post card, don't you think? The roping is down because we have had such winds.

This is the lane to our house. We have no neighbors for three miles each direction. It is heaven! Note that our friend Roger brought his road scraper through this noon and cleared a little path for us. Isn't that wonderful?

This was the bucks little shelter. It is now folded in two because of the snow's weight. None of the boys were injured and they can still get inside. It is just two little houses instead of one bigger one.
I love love love the snow; I love the stillness; I love the calm; I love the cold (when the wind isn't blowing).

How are things in your world?


  1. That does look like a picture postcard Matty!


  2. Matty, your home looks like one in a Thomas Kinkaid painting-very enchanting especially with the fresh fallen snow blanketing it. Enjoy your snow!

  3. Oh my how beautiful, enjoy for us. Clarice

  4. I'd love to settle in to one of your porch rockers - with a steaming mug of coffee, of course - and just enjoy the view!! What a treasure you have there!



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