Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ten Things About Me

Brenda is playing "tag" and I am going to join in! Ten things about me:

1.) I didn't go to college until I was 36 years old.

2.) Being a teacher was NOT a career goal; I wanted to be a writer's consultant and do research for writers.

3.) For our first Valentine's day, my husband gave me a Kawaski 500; yes, I am licensed to ride.

4.) I met Elvis! He walked by me on stage at a concert and said, "Hey, how ya doin'?" I nearly peed my pants!

5.) When I was 18, I streaked at the community college I was attending at the time.

6.) Nine-ball is the most perfect pool game; my first car was paid for from doing trick shots at the local pool hall and playing nine-ball.

7.) In 1994 I broke my neck by falling down a flight of steps at my college.

8.) If there was only one dessert left in the world, it should be an Paris brest' from a little bakery in Norfolk, Va.

9.) Louisa May Alcott is the world's most underrated author; I leave her lavendar every July.

10.) Socks are the most wonderful knitting project in the world. My first pair, however, were too short in the foot and the leg was too baggy.


  1. Some of these thing I knew about you, some I suspected, but I never would have guessed that you were a pool pro! Can you still play well enough to make money? You certainly have two different sides don't you!


  2. Jane,

    I still play fairly well; however, it is genetic as John is following in his Mum's footsteps! He now is the pro! I was quite the wild child! LOL

  3. I think we'd be great friends! LOL!

  4. I'll remember not to play pool with you, hehehe.

  5. You are quite the All-American gal aren't ya?!
    You certainly have alot of tales to tell!!
    Or not ! ;)

  6. Wow!! - you are the me I would want to be if I weren’t such a big chicken!

    Very fun to read your ten!


  7. You all make me laugh! Thanks! I am going to read your ten, I hope!

  8. Wow, Matty, you are an interesting woman!

    You left out that you are a sweet and thoughtful person. Thanks for the gift of soaps that you sent to me. I love them, and they reside in my bathroom soap dish for all to see. :)


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