Friday, December 25, 2009

A New Goal

Every year I have a charity knitting project: orphanage in the Ukraine, homeless shelters, or day care for underprivelged children. And, each year, I try to knit a number of projects that equal the years I am old. As I get older, the challenges get a little greater because, let's face it, I am older and it takes more knitting!

This year for Christmas my sister gave me "Debbie Macomber's Knitting for Charity" for my projects. Frankly, I have about a dozen hats and scarves that I can knit in my sleep as well as a vanilla sock pattern that serves me quite nicely as well. However, I was ready for some new ideas and Missy was so clever to find this for me.

So, here I am, Christmas night, and I have already selected my project for next year, the Santa Train that runs through the coal, and former coal, regions of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. To keep myself honest and to encourage you to consider taking up your knitting needles, crochet hooks, scissors, quilting needles, or whatever wonderful handcraft you do and set yourself a goal, too, I am keeping track in the sidebar. Perhaps we can encourage each other?
Between now and next November 15, when all gifts must be to the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, I will keep this updated with what I have knit and ready to go. Will you join me?
(P.S. I have 54 items to knit this year! What shall I do when I am 90??)


  1. I love your challenge Matty; what a neat thing to do. I am inspired to take on my own challenge; small lap, baby or prayer quilts using my large (and still growing) fabric stash. At age 61, I'll need to get busy on this project ASAP!


  2. Sandy,

    One of the most favorite things I make for children are those funny little tied flannel blankies! When Wal-Mart was closing out their fabric a few years ago, Mother and I bought of all the flannel they had. We had garbage bags of the stuff! Finally, I am down to one bag! I hope to get them done for our child care center at the college over break. I really need the space! LOL

    I hope you will post your quilt photos! I have so enjoyed seeing your quilts on your blog!



  3. I canot guarentee 51 projects but I will try harder this year. You keep inspiring me to do better!


  4. I added the recipe to my recipe blog per your request. :)

  5. Matty...what a wonderful woman you are, always thinking of others :)

    Is that your house in the banner pic? Gorgeous! and the snow, OMW :)


  6. Karyn,

    Yeppers; that is the case de Lazy Bee Farm. It was built in 1917 and I am the second owner.

    Brenda, Thanks for adding the recipe! Yummers!


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