Saturday, December 26, 2009

We Dodged an Ice Bullet

This morning, despite forecasts of a heavy ice storm, we had very little. So, in buoyant optimism we set out for Boone to see the new "Sherlock Holmes" movie. Above is what we encountered when we arrived.

Power lines, tree limbs, ice, and all kinds of debris filled the streets. Ice crashed on the car as we drove under once rich canopies of pine trees. The sparkle was nearly blinding. And, yet, it was lovely beyond words.

In spite of the flocks of flatlanders up to ski, the ridiculous traffic waits, and the cacophiny of noise, the day was just lovely. Crisp. Bright. Dazzling. Breathtaking. There was a time when I wanted to live in Boone more than anywhere. While those days are long past (their zoning stinks -- the mountain tops are overrun with million dollar "log cabins"), there is something about the height of the mountains and the crispness of the air that still gives my heart a flutter. What is it about a university town that gives it a certain energy?

And the movie was out of this world fun!


  1. OMW, Mattie, just breath taking! It reminds of our Vermont :)

    It sounds like an awesome day, and you're the 4th person who has said how much they loved Sherlock Holmes.


  2. I hate to hear ice storm warnings for my area because of the damage they can do. We have them much more than blizzards. However, once they are over they do make you feel you are in an icy fantasy land.


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