Monday, December 21, 2009

Waiting, and not for Santa

Mia and Mary, the pygmy goats, have us tied up in knots. They are due any day and we are watching and waiting. Truth be told, we thought they might kid during the snow storm, but they fooled us. However, it is getting close. Last night they had both made a nest in the same stall. Since they are nearly mortal enemies, we think we might have kids this morning.

Goats are odd creatures, if you haven't noticed. Their personalities are so unique and you can just see the wheels spinning when you look in their eyes. They know what they want and they get it, usually. Often I think they have planned to take over the farm because they will come en masse and over run the fence gate or the milking parlor to either get out or get in. It is really funny to watch.

Last night Louie, my little bottle fed buck, was playing in the snow. He has these lovely, narrow horns that he was filling the space between with snow and then tossing it on his cousins. They, in turn, were plowing into him to try to start a massive fight. This went on and on until the hay was put in the feeders. Then, everyone forgot Louie and the snow; the tussle was on at the hay racks instead. Hollie, our Dexter cow, settled the whole thing when she cleared the first hay rack with her nose. The boys settled right down and cut out the silliness at the second feeder. Peace reigned. For a few minutes, anyhow.

My son thinks the farm is boring. I think he isn't paying attention.... How could anyone be bored with such antics?


  1. I don't think I would be bored on your farm Matty! I think animals are a lot smarter than they are given credit for. I know Georgie knows a lot more "people words" than we know "dog words". Although he is a great communicator! He uses telepathy!

  2. let me try that again...
    Bored? BORED???
    That's worse than any curse word a child could utter in my book!
    I use to tell my kids, "ten acres and you're bored? There is ALWAYS something that needs find it or I will!!!"
    To this day they know better than to say it in my presence!
    If mama can't be bored, ain't NOBODY allowed to be bored :)
    The way I see it, goats are sorta free you can be bored with goats!?

  3. I just found a little Christmas story at the library that shares the Nativity from the viewpoint of the animals.... a sheepdog named Lila, a little goat Ima, and of course the herd of sheep they tended on that eventful night so long ago.

    Written by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, the book is entitled Certain Poor Shepherd (1996).

    I've been enjoying it very much.

    Always enjoy your stories..... happy day!

  4. Oh Brenda!

    What a wonderful idea! I will look for it this week!

    Thanks so much!




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