Friday, December 11, 2009

Surprise "Anne of Green Gables" Tea

Joshua, Corrie, Me, and Sara
There was no power on Whitetop Mountain today; the wind took 50 trees out along the main road, knocking out power to most of the area between us and the Tennessee border. However, it was a no-brainer today that we would have a surprise "Anne of Green Gables" tea party for Corrie and Joshua. Sara and I had planned it for a week and it is no small task to keep a secret from our Corrie. She has an uncanny knack for figuring out things.

However, this morning, she didn't know when her Mom told her they were playing dress-up and to get on her "Anne of Green Gables" dress just what was going to happen. Don and I scurried around this morning and baked cupcakes, sliced local cheese, brewed peppermint tea, and made a fresh fruit salad. We packed our 1950s picnic set, china plates and all, loaded the car and took off over the mountain.

The sun was brilliant as we wove our way up and over Mt. Rogers. It was such a lovely morning; the air was clear and we could see down into the valleys where the sunlight dappled the little farms tucked here and there in the bottom land.

When we arrived, Sara answered the door and I called out, "Excuse me; I am looking for Anne of Green Gables. I have a basket for her." Corrie ran and hid! She didn't recognize me as Miss Alice! Then, she realized who it was and scooted back to the living room and laughed and danced about us, clapping her hands and laughing!

As you can tell in the photo, the table is set and we had a lovely time! The woodstove was toasty warm in spite of the wind and cold without; we threw open the blinds and the sunshine streamed in, filling the room with the most wonderful light. No one noticed in the least the lack of electricity.

When the tea was over, we piled on the floor and played a "Tea Party Memory Game" that I found at Hallmark a few weeks ago. It is a memory game using tea cups, tea bags, cakes, and such. We had a ball trying to remember what was where!

What a grand way to spend a very cold morning! My Rx for those who are missing holiday spirit? Find a three and a six year old and have a tea party. You will be instantly cured!


  1. What fun! Where can I get a three and six year old? That sounded odd didn't it?


  2. Sounds like such a good time -They will remember it always.

  3. Oh what fun!!!!!! What a great way to spend your cold morning. What fine memories you've created.

    I have always had a very special place in my heart for Anne with an "e".

    Stay Warm!

  4. PS... what fun to see your Christmas movie list on the sidebar.

    I just watched Joyeux Noel (2005) -- the true story during WW 1 when soliders on the front did a cease fire on Christmas Eve. It was a very moving film, so if it isn't on your list, I do recommend it.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! I loved the book! I bet the movie is wonderful!

    Three and six year olds come from friends who are much younger than you! LOL If I work it right, I will always have at least three little folks to play with!


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