Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Five Things I Can't Do Without

It has been a mundane day; one of those that you go through and at the end of the day you have no idea what you have done meaningful. So, how about we share five things we could not do without?

I'll go first.

1.) Bible. I love to read the stories of people and events that inspire/ inform / teach / scold me to keep me clear on my purpose in life. Isn't is amazing that what we read in this "old book" is still so true today?

2.) Knitting. I learned to knit whilst in graduate school and had four teen-agers at home. Drinking heavily or learning to knitting were the choices. I took knitting (okay, I could drink and drive; I can knit and drive -- at stop signs or in traffic jams) and have kept on since then. If I am sitting, standing in line, or at the movies, I am knitting.

3.) Journal. This was something I started when going through a tough time in my life. I went to see a psychologist. We talked a bit and she made the observation: "You can pay me $160 an hour or go home and write it all down." On the way home I bought a pretty journal and cartridge ink pen. In a little over ten years I have filled 30 journals.

4.) Hair pick. Yeppers. I know. That is a weird one, but I haven't combed my hair since 1972. I use a pick, thus giving me less split ends and fluffier hair. The thought of a brush makes my skin crawl. Maybe I need to see the therapist again?

5.) Carhart bibs. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em, especially at this time of year. I wear insulated in winter and noninsulated in summer. They are red, my favorite colour, next to purple. The perfect pants for any woman who works in the yard or hauls hay.

So, what five things can you not do without?


  1. My mother always used a hair pick! She had her hair done each week and just used the hair pick to fluff it.

  2. My 5 things are: my bible, my kids, my husband, my Bosch, and sewing machine. If I can read my bible, spend the entire day with my kids, cook a good supper for my husband and have a way to sew, I"m pretty happy!

  3. I'm game, Matty! I enjoyed reading your list and had fun coming up with my own. I've posted my list on my blog - www.grandmasplace.com - and linked it to your post.


  4. Well here's my list:

    My hearing aid - I'm so grateful that they invented this little device or I would be closed off from the world.

    The computer - I love listening to the radio on it in the morning. And the e-mail keeps me in contact with all the wonderful people I meet via it.

    The big down-filled coat - With it, Winter's cold is a walk in the park!

    Books - I must read everyday. If I'm somewhere that doesn't have any reading material, I'll read the back of cereal boxes, or scraps of paper!

    my Bible - Reading it is not only comforting, it is so much a part of my bedtime routine, I cannot sleep without it.



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