Thursday, September 23, 2010

Say Cheese!

When one has been a good girl all week and not cried about having no wheels, she gets a fancy dinner at a fine restuarant and her picture taken with her hero! I just wish you could see the lovely green cast...


  1. Isn't breaking ones foot a rather drastic way to get your pic taken with your hero? Couldn't you have just asked him nicely?!

    Food Network magazine has a recipe for their version of a Chik-fil-a burger. I'll send it to you if you want :)

  2. Please send it! I would love to be able to duplicate it. Isn't my passion shameless??

  3. Haha! Hope the foot is feeling better!

  4. Okay my buddy down in SC talks about Chik-Fil all the time. Why can't we get one her in MA???

  5. There is one over near Lexington at the Mall. I ate there a lot when I was in Concord this summer! LOL There is one other, but I didn't get there... Maybe it is close enough???


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