Monday, September 6, 2010

I'll Pay Five Dollars...

for someone to scratch me... I have poison ivy. All over one arm. Just one arm. But it is enough to make my whole body miserable! It itches to the point that I have been eyeing the hairbrush with a certain tenderness that unnerves me....

I have tried all the cures... Suggestions???

In the meantime, who's willing to come give me a scratch??


  1. I'll come.... I know how to give a good, brisk scratch... none of that wimpy stuff. Would that do, you think?

    BTW, I do know what you mean about the hair brush. I've never encountered poison ivy, but there are days when there's an itch that just won't scratch, usually somewhere between the shoulders, mid-back.

    Sorry, no suggestions in that line.

    Hope you find relief soon!

    Hugs and scritches........

    Would that do

  2. Ahhh...I will scratch for you, but it will hurt more later:-) Try the Aveeno Oatmeal bath, it works great for chicken pox. When I worked in a derm clinic they recommended the Aveeno anti-itch lotion and I have used it with the kids with great results. Also, patting the area with witch hazel helps dry it out. Hope it heals fast and doesn't spread!

  3. Jewelweed is suppose to take care of Poison Ivy. It grows in shady areas if it gets to much sun it will wilt easily. Just break a leaf off and rub it on..Google Jewelweed for a pic.

  4. Good Morning... I hope you are feeling better but as the Tonia said jewelweed is excellent. Yesterday, I made a batch of salve from this plant. When we were kids we called it Touch-me-nots as the little pods burst when you touch them.. Actually, you can chop this plant up and freeze it for emergencies if you don't want to make a salve, otherwise just squash it up and rub it on your arm...
    God bless....

  5. My daughter asked me what to do about poison ivy recently.

    While I like to give motherly advice, I reminded her I have never had poison ivy being immune to it.

    That is not what to tell someone who is or is dealing with the affliction. :)


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