Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Day Musings -- Sitting Pretty

Learning to sit quietly this weekend is like going to a Southern religious retreat: there is a lot of praying, eating, and crying. Then, you kind of settle into a routine and all is calm. Mostly.

As the foot has been swelling like a good yeast bread this weekend, I have spent the greatest part of it on my least favorite part of my anatomy: my sitter. Not much happens when you are sitting, three miles from any neighbors, and it is raining. Coffee. Movies. Knitting. Grading. Reading. Repeat as needed.

So, let me entertain you with what I have been doing.

This is a scarf for M'Mere. She has asthma and cannot abide natural fibers. (So sad!) I discovered this lovely little fiber at Orchardside in July. It is Online, Linie 194, Solo, Colour 201 (black and white). It is a really neat pattern. Cast on 7-8 stitches by picking up along the edge of the "ribbon". Then, knit until you are exhausted. I have learned that I need to leave about one finger's width between each "stitch" to get the best looking ruffle.

This is the sweater for the new baby. I usually knit either a Five Hour Sweater or a Baby Surprise Sweater for new wee ones. But when Knit Simple came this month, I fell hard for the layette patterns. It is all in garter stitch, which is rather brainless and I can knit as the Mister drives me around (it cuts down on the use of the "Oh Rats!" bar). I had this Encore worsted weight that I bought on close out a while back. I just loved the stripes and, since we don't know if it is a dude or dudette, I decided this would work for either. When I am done, there will be a sweater, hat, booties, and blankie. I'll show all when done.

I have graded all my papers and read a little bit. And, I have seen ALL of "Independence Day", "Chronicles of Narnia", and "Inspector Lewis." Yah. Fun times. Oh, and I am drinking decaf... to be safe...

How's your weekend??

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  1. I felt well enough to go to the farmer's market yesterday morning but not to attend a dinner with my husband's fraternity last night. Still a little queasy.

    I watched The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe yesterday on TV. Will watch Inspector Lewis this evening on the old Sony hooked up to the antennae. Really enjoying the new season of Inspector Lewis.

    I'm giving my daughter my DVD copy of the "new" Emma (most recently on PBS). Somehow hers was badly scratched by a child who will remain nameless. I've decided before sending it, I will watch it again.

    If pretty much forced to sit more than usual, one should take advantage of it. :)

    Praying for a quick healing of your foot. You may look back on this time with fondness in the midst of a crazy busy season.


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