Monday, September 20, 2010

Basket safety: steel toe boots

I have a monster Longaberger Hope Chest basket complete with maple top. Last night I went to retrieve yarn for the new baby (Sara and Julian are due in October) and put the lid on the top of the cedar chest. As I leaned over, the top slid off the chest and straight down on my bare foot.

I'll be in the cast and walking boot for at least through hay season...


  1. Oooo I am sorry!!! Just makes me cringe thinking about it!

  2. Ouch, that hurts!

    If I remember correctly, Longaberger wooden tops are solid wood!

  3. Akk you poor thing, eat lots of chocolate xoxo Clarice

  4. I leave you alone for a few so I can become a grandma and look what you go and do!
    Goodness sakes..hope it doesn't hurt too bad :/

  5. Matty, I could feel that as you described it---OUCH!!! I pray you heal fast:-)

  6. Oh Matty!! So sorry about your accident!! But is the Longaberger Hope Chest Basket Top ok??? (-: Those L. Baskets are so beautiful!!

    Seriously, Matty, hope all heals well for you!!!

  7. Oh my dear... I am sorry to hear it! We pray for a speedy recovery... with NO complications! Just nicely knit back together as it oughta be!



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