Monday, September 13, 2010

Dumb, but true

For several weeks now I have been dealing with a slight vertigo. This isn't unusual as I have a spinal cord injury that often will get irritated and give me a little case of it. And, I have seasonal allergies in the spring and fall, so I usually don't get too torn up over it. Until now. It has reached the point of disturbing my life, so I knew I had to see someone.

Today, I went to the eye doctor as it seemed to be related to my vision. She poked, prodded, dilated, and pressure checked very carefully. She double checked her findings. I followed the little light, looked at her nose, and traced her fingers. Nothing. Then, she checked my specs.

The ones I am wearing are six weeks old. When the optomitrist checked my eyes, he commented that they had seriously changed and my astigmatism was really worse. Oh well, I thought. That is what comes with getting older. When my glasses came, they troubled me, but I tried to slog through it. Twice, twice!!, I returned to have 'em checked. "They are fine," I was told.

No, they weren't.

New glasses are on the way and I have to suffer with these another week. My father reminded me that this happened to me when I first started wearing glasses. Go figure. Some people have all the luck!

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  1. well that is too bad that you had to 'suffer' with the wrong glasses!

    Hopefully you will be seeing perfectly again....


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