Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Don't let this innocent face fool you;
behind those soft chocolate eyes is the heart of a rogue!

Monday we were going to a birthday party. We have made some nice friends at the Farmer's Market and one of them invited us to his birthday party on Monday afternoon (Happy Birthday, Ron!). We were really looking forward to going, but, as luck would have it, a certain bull decided to destroy the fences -- two of 'em -- and let the goats out.

Fortunately, Shelly and I had picked all the pumpkins and such as this is where some "escapees" ended up. (What is left is fine, Shelly... promise!) Copper, on the other hand, took the time to go 'xploring -- the pastures, the woods, the garden, and the hay barn. Oh, he is such a well loved bull -- even tonight! NOT!! I think the only thing that kept the Mister from making Mr. Copper steak is the fact that, as a bull, he won't taste too fine. He needs to be a steer to make good meat.

Should you ever want a good work out, let the bull out and go for it. I promise, you will drop pounds quickly. And, if you are really lucky, you'll learn some old words in new ways!

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  1. Seems I remember about 4 Brahma bulls escaping their lovely pasture back when I first met TrapperDude in high school...cahsed them around all afternoon through the hills and backwoods...oh, for the good ol' days ;)


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