Thursday, September 9, 2010

Road Trip!

Isn't it beautiful? And, would you believe, there is graffiti by George Washington? Rogue!

Tomorrow a colleague and I are taking a class to Natural Bridge to see the bridge and the Native village. We are taking a delicious lunch for them -- apples, journey cakes, honey, walnuts, pannikin, jerky, and water. We want them to experience an actual meal as they would have eaten 250-plus years ago. We are packing the food in muslin slips, tied with string, just as it would have been done by those early travellers. The students have no idea what is awaiting them.

We have a special tour of the village lined up and we will take in the Bridge, caverns where saltpeter was hidden, and walk along the river, just as our ancestors. It will be a rather short day, relatively speaking, but long enough to prepare us for our next trip in October --- Williamsburg!

We have combined an American Literature and American History class into one hybrid course, for which they will receive double credit. They are responsible for teaching us as well as our leading them on their path of discovery. Today we held a "freedom dues" trial for an indentured servant. They had to prepare the indenture contract, research freedom suits, and learn about 17th c. court proceedings. It was a fabulous day! I even got to wear my "judge's robe"! Oh, and our servant? The jury found he had more time to serve on his contract, but that the Master had to made some adjustments to the contract to what was more usual and customary.

What fun we are having! And, I hope they are learning something, too!

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous day. What a neat way to wrap lunch -- adds to the old-fashioned ambiance.

    Graffiti by George Washington? Wonder what they called it back then...

    A wonderful way to remember one's lessons.


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