Friday, April 9, 2010

TX Superlatives Awarded

Today I want to share four of my top five superlatives for TX. Tomorrow I will show you number one.

5. Best billboard:
For electrolysis, call
215- R - U - HAIRY

4. Fastest drivers:
Anyone in Louisana

3. Most intriguing purchase (possibly -- I am still working on Don)
Small manufactured palm tree with pink fronds and spotlights for cocoanuts. Gotta have one!

2. Best hotel surprise:
Renting a room online for $69, getting it for $59 and it has a Jacuzzi!

Stay tuned for number one!


  1. Waiting for #1 ...and rooting for that new gorgeous palm tree!

  2. Haha!! I agree with #4!!! It is Very true it scares me to death to drive in Louisana

  3. Waving my hand to say my husband is a sign salesman whose company did the R-U Hairy installation. He also did the design and found the font for the customer. I still laugh every time we see it, too.

  4. Michele,

    That is a hoot! Tell him I think it is the best advertisement I have ever seen! LOL


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