Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can One Proudly Cry?

A student wrote me this poem as a farewell:

Holder of knowledge
Holder of thought
Holder of a sight that saw what I did not.

Holder of patience
Holder of grace
Holder of encouragement to find my right place.

Listener of sorrows
Listener of joy
Listener of thoughts others tried to destroy.

Listener of dreams
Listener of fears
Listener with nonjudgmental ears.

Bringer, you spoke
Bringer, you taught
Bringer of outlets to express my true thoughts.

Bringer of support
Bringer of strength
Bringer of inspiration which knew no length.

Hero of yesterday
Hero of today
Hero of a girl who knew not what to say.

Hero of one who goes forth to chase dreams
Hero who knew how much all of this means
Hero who gave me a reason to soar
Hero who gave me the pen to write more.

My hero: a holder of knowledge and thought
I will never forget you ... Please forget me not.

Yeah. Can you say, doggone it, I love what I do??? I have the best job in the world.

How has your day been?


  1. well THAT rocks!
    I still remember the five awesome teachers I had going through school...the highest kudos I ever got as a preschool teacher were the hugs from my kids and the grandpa from Africa who was the head of his "tribe" that told me when his grandson "graduated" preschool that everybody there knew 'Miss Tina' and how nice she was!
    Still stays with me after five years:)

  2. We're off to my favourite cafe to work on my May newsletter (I create newsletters for Mary Kay Directors in my area). I find it's easier to plan and research it away from my house where I can't see laundry, dirty dishes, or dust! LOL

    BTW, customs must be enjoying that book... no sign yet!

  3. Isn't it amazing, you never know who you touch along the way. I'm sure there are hundreds more that feel the same way, but never said it out loud.

    Thnak you for beening such an inspiration.


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