Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring-y Monday at Lazy Bee

When I was six, I wrote a spring poem:

Spring, spring,
I like to sing.
Birds that hatch
Try their wings.

Poetic, ain't I?

So, you can see that I love love love spring and all the wonder that comes with it. Would you like to take a short stroll and see some hightlights today?

Hives are ready for new occupants. We have 20 nukes coming in mid-May. Our goal is to have 50. Since we lost 22 last year, we are kind of back to nearly 0. However, such as it is to be a farmer.

Off the corner of the back porch is this flowering quince. I had a cunning plan when I took a start from Mother's house 15 years ago -- to keep the children from running off the edge of the porch right there and making a mud hole. It worked. And, my treat is that it is full of bees all day long whilst it blooms. The birds hide in it whilst flitting to and from the feeder that is at the kitchen window. And, sadly, a black snake makes its home there in the summer. While I do not care for snakes (have I told you about shooting one while Don was gone?), I console myself that she does keep the mice away. Mostly.

I am so in love with snowdrops! These are on the left side of my back step, which is one of the many fireplace stones that we took from the house when we cleared out the fallen chimneys. The snowdrops came from the back stoop, which is why it is at mine, of an old house we bought to tear down in order to put up a new spec house. Imagine our surprise when we removed the siding and found a one-room, two-story log house in the center! The best we can date it is about 1850. Needless to say, that was moved to the farm-below-the-mountain and is in very early renovation.

Last, but certainly not least, are my new girls. Are they not the dearest little things you have seen? All 54 of 'em were snuggled under the heat lamp this morning crying, "it'scoldit'scoldit'scoldit'scoldit'scoldit'scold!" They are quite happy this afternoon as the barn is much warmer.
Thanks for coming by today! Won't you drop in again?


  1. Oh my, I haven't seen little chicks in years. They were always so much fun to look forward to when we were kids. And I know my parents used to hope the heat lamps, and the weather, would cooperate when they brought home those cheeping boxes.


  2. I love it, Matty, when you take us around The Lazy Bee. It is all so interesting! I've taken to farming on FarmVille just to satisfy some innate longing for farm life. (-:


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