Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feet on the Ground

Back from TX and recovering from the 3300 miles I drove.

Let's be honest. I have to get over this whole fear of flying thing. I cannot make that kind of drive again. And, since I get car sick, well, there are little other options except for me to either do all the driving or to take drugs. And drugs are not an option, so we are back to number one. Get over the fear of flying.

John is probably going to be based in Italy in 30 weeks. Folks, I am open to any therapy. Driving ain't an option!

Missed you! Glad to be back and hope to catch up visiting soon!


  1. I'm afraid of flying AND my husband's driving. Haven't tried driving over 3,000 miles, though.

    Last year's 1,000 mile trip took it out of me.

  2. Welcome back Matty; missed you and your entertaining posts!

    I, too, don't "do flying"!! But I love car rides (the longer, the better) and my kids are on U.S. soil so I'm good right now. But if you find a successful program, I'd love to hear about it as I'd really like to visit Norway.

    Have a good day!

  3. Sandy -- I am thinking a lot of prayer is the only therapy for the fear of flying! LOL Great to hear from you and Brenda!


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