Friday, April 30, 2010

Slow Down

Brenda had a great post today about the importance of slowing down. While her post is in the context of health and well-being, it resonanted with me because I am not a slowed down kind of gal. Mother observes that I am "just like your Daddy -- at full speed from the moment you open your eyes in the morning." While she is not being nice in her comment, it drives her wild that Daddy and I do things quickly rather than lingering, I try to take it as a compliment. Daddy is a hard worker and has been extremely successful in his life. I hope to do nearly half as well.

That said, I am a rusher, hurrier, get-it-done-now kind of gal. When I don't get things done quickly, I am annoyed. Terribly so. This is one of the lessons God has wanted to teach me, but I have, uh-hum, ignored it until now.

I have come to realize that I must learn to slow down; I will not live more life by rushing. Rather, I am losing life by rushing because I don't enjoy all the processes that it takes to live -- dishes, mowing, cleaning, or even grading. Perhaps I am missing good things in life by not taking more time with these things. I should treasure the many things I have been blessed with, taking time to care for them and enjoy them more.

Dishes indicate the time and money spent to make a meal that will nourish my body for things I really love to do. Cleaning is a blessing because I, well, have stuff that needs cleaning like a toilet or bed sheets. Grading reminds me that I am blessed because I have a job and that students like me enough, even though I am tough, to spend two years with me.

So, this weekend, I am going to slow down and enjoy my long list of chores. And, I plan to take some time to sit on the porch and spin. I have this lovely angora that wants to grow into yarn. Wouldn't it be a shame not to do that for it?

Take some time and enjoy this lovely weekend. We are blessed.


  1. AMEN!!
    i say that as i am restoring the old desktop comuter, doing laundry, eating lunch, taking pics of the baby quilt i am making..which i will post sometime this weekend....maybe i will take your advice this weekend...after i till the garden, plan ashley's birthday party, and BEG to go on a bike ride :)
    hope you have a calm, peaceful weekend dear friend :)

  2. Since I quit working last year, I have found that when I take my time (because I don't have to hurry any more) to do a small chore like dusting etc, I can actually begin to enjoy it again. It has taken me almost this full year to get to that point but it is such a good feeling.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead for you! Enjoy!!


  3. Matty, I enjoyed your take on this... because it's amazing, I was thinking some similar thoughts as I was cutting radishes for my salad this evening.

    I had been almost tempted to feel 'blah' about having to make supper because I was feeling a bit weary after the day's events.

    But my thoughts quickly shifted when I reminded myself to thank Him rather than complain that I have crispy lettuce and cherry red radishes to make into a tasty salad.

    So thank you for confirming a beautiful way to life.


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