Monday, April 26, 2010

Be Careful and Grateful What You Ask For...

So, I asked God, "Would you bless me and Don so that we can finish paying off our house?"

He has been, as it is written, responding in "pushed down and overflowing" mode since.

Nearly every day last week, God sent me a check or gift through the mail. I received book reviews to do, a refund from an ER visit from 18 months ago, coupons for free things, and a rebate. I also received a query inviting me to apply for a part-time home job reading essays for a large testing company: "Make your own hours!" they boasted. So, I decided I could work four extra hours a week and put that toward the house and still be sane. I applied.

Today God sent me another query to tutor from home in the late evenings. I don't mind that kind of time to work a little. I am done with all my "home work" and chores by 7ish, so a few extra hours will be fine. And, I received an email that I have been hired by the testing company for the few extra hours as well. And, in the mail, came another freebie.

Our cabinets are staying quite full, still, and somehow the gas is lasting a little longer in the cars. Our telephone, Internet, and cable were able to be negotiated down to save $88 a month; the dusk-to-dawn light has been disconnected for another $12 a month savings. My cell service was offering a special discount to have seven numbers you can call without paying for them as well as 750 minutes of time with free time between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. Yeppers. Another $49 saved each month.

You know, I can't wait to see what God sends tomorrow!

Amy update: She had another procedure today; there is still some drainage. But, she is out of ICU and in a step-down unit. While she is not completely out of the woods, she is seeing the edges! She even helped bathe the baby today! Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Matty, You blew my socks up and down with your wonderful posting on God's awesome blessings. I LOVE it!!!

    And I have to tell you, you encourage me to keep asking too. Exactly for what you've asked -- to pay off the rest of our house.

    BTW, I've seen some pretty interesting blessings come my way and it continually amazes me at how He makes these things come together for us! He's wonderful.

    And you're wonderful for sharing. I'm sending this link to my sister as she's praying a similar prayer.

    Hugs, Brenda

  2. PS. I don't know what blew up and down, because I just remembered, I'm not wearing socks today! ha ha

  3. Brenda,

    What a hoot! No socks, eh??

    We attended the Financial Peace University program and it reenergized my whole outlook on asking and expecting! What a blessing that was!

    I look forward to the gifts God will send you!



  4. I love hearing of miracles like this, thanks for sharing! And so happy to hear the good news about Amy:-)

  5. Thats Great!! I have read Money makeover and while some of it was interesting some of it we had been doing for the last several years. We just havent been able to get that saving part accomplished.. Kyle works construction and its either feast or Famine! But we usually survive and God has always taken care of us!


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