Friday, April 16, 2010

Literary Thoughts -- "Will the World End in 2012?"

Did you see the movie "2012"? If so, you can recall all the horrible things that happened in rapid succession suggesting that the world was ending -- self-destructing, so to speak, and leaving humankind in the rubble -- unless you had enough money to board the Ark.

Raymund C. Hundley's fascinating book "Will the World End in 2012?" addresses the pop culture fear that humankind is in it's last days. While this is touted as a "Christian Guide to the question everyone's asking" the book actually is a level, easy-to-read, well organized approach to the many theories about 2012. It is neither dogmatic or over-reactionary, a welcome relief from so many so-called end of days books.

Hundley chose to organize his book by theories; he introduces each and then provides the most current information in response to the supposed "world ending" event. Each chapter opens with a scenario to set up the theory. Then, Hundley gives clear, unbiased information about the theory, provides a scientific response, and then offers a formal conclusion at the end of each chapter. Starting with the Mayan factor (if their calendar ends in 2012, doesn't this mean that time ends?) and working through solar storms, Nostradamus, planet collisions, and super volcanos, to mention a few, Hundley addresses nearly a dozen theories.

As a caveat, there is a study guide as well as works cited which could provide more reading for the truly curious. Each chapter is heavily endnoted thus providing even more information for the reader. The book concludes with two very brief chapters, one for non-Christians and one for Christians. In each, Hundley suggests that regardless of the theories, we each do face a kind of end-of-the-world experience with our death. This, he suggests, should lead us to a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He shares a brief guide to salvation for non-Christians while, for Christians, he encourages them to get back to their Bible and make sure they are aligned with God's plan for their life.

The book is a quick read, but is dense with information. It receives five out of five bees.


  1. My son went to see the movie 2012 and when I asked him if I'd like it, he said even someone who loves disaster movies like I do may think that is TOO much disaster. :)

    I heard a Bible teacher talking about prophecy recently (I think it may have been David Jeremiah). He said the best thing believing in the return of Christ does for us is to have us all live each day with the thought we may soon meet Jesus and to live as such.

  2. I haven't seen the movie (didn't have plans to either). And, until you mentioned it, I had not heard of this book, but I'm interested now to seek it out. So thanks for the heads up!

    True... it's time to make sure we're aligned with His plan for our lives!


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