Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Chores

Would you like to have a little tour of the doings at Lazy Bee Farm today? It has been nearly 80-degrees and we have had a wonderful day working on the farm. I love spring, don't you??

First, Mr. Moose is much improved, thank you!
While you cannot see it in the picture,
his back left leg is shaved where he had been injured.
He is much better and back to being a naughty puppy by chasing cars again.

We are getting ready to burn a lot of debris from clearing pastures
and taking down the old fence. It had seen better days.
We have a tremendous fire going right now.
I slipped in to share the day with you quickly!
More of these to come.

This is a two year old blueberry bush. I have been clearing around them,
putting organic acidic fertilizer on them, trimming the dead canes, and
getting them ready for pine mulch later this week. I have
twenty more bushes to work on and I am ready for mulch! Hooray!

Annabelle is showing you the lovely rib for the greenhouse.
It should be partially up tomorrow.

Plowed and ready for tilling and planting!

Waldo has a mouse under the bush hog.

We are so glad you dropped by today! Won't you come by tomorrow for a glass of sweet tea, a slice of chocolate cake, and a sit on the porch? We'll be watching for you!


  1. For chocolate cake - absolutely I'll stop by. But with all the things you have going on when do you ever get to sit and enjoy tea and cake????

  2. As the good old Southern farmer, we take a break from noon to two to rest! LOL The porch is really nice at that time of day!

  3. I am doing the same thing with my blueberry bushes--work, work , work...LOL! Glad Mr. Moose is healing!


Thanks for dropping in on the farm today! I enjoy your comments!