Thursday, April 22, 2010

Running Away From Home

Peg and I are hitting the road on Friday for Northern Virginia. She is going to an American Association of University Women conference. I am going to hang out with her brother Chuck. Northern Virginia is one of the areas in the Commonwealth that I haven't spent much time exploring. Chuck is a tour bus driver and has graciously offered to show me the battlefields while I am there.

I am thrilled!

He is a charming man and very knowledgeable about history -- especially Civil War history. I can't wait for him to take me to Manassas and to Stone Bridge. I don't know where else we might go. It is his choice. He has agreed to take me to this lovely little Greek diner for breakfast in Fort Royal. We ate there a few years ago and they had one of the best breakfast menus I have seen in a very long time. And they had grits. Yum.

A road trip with a gal pal is so much fun, isn't it? Even if we are going to just have two nights and the drive time, we will have a blast. Do you have a gal pal who will just let you let your hair down and love you warts and all? Isn't it delicious to have a friend who will giggle over a song, share a catch phrase, or give you "the look" when you are out?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful few days. There's nothing better than traveling with a good friend!!! Have fun!!!!!

  2. When I was a child, a neighbor child went to Virginia with her family and came home telling me about this battlefield they visited with the strange name... My assy assy.

    Later her blushing mother told us it was Manassas. I visited the battlefield later in my teens (my sister, Jean, lived in Centreville for years before her hubby retired), I kept thinking of that former neighbor.

  3. I love My assy assy! LOL What a hoot! I was near Centreville this weekend. It is big. And has a lot of streets with a lot of cars. Neither are comfortable for me! :)


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