Friday, January 27, 2012

The Battle

If you have a cat, you already can guess where this is going.

These are my clean clothes.

This is Wookie.

Wookie likes to sleep on my clean clothes.

 My clothes no longer are hairless.

I never have this problem with the dogs, goats, ducks, or chickens. Or even Lydia and Waldo, the other two cats in our family.

Just Wookie.

He believes he is a special snowflake.

I do, too.

That is why he is still living and still on my clean clothes.


Btw, I am cleaning out old knitting magazines that need a new home. If you are interested in them, just send me an email and I will pop them in the mail to you. Most of them are "Vogue Knitting" from around 2005-2009. There are also a few other titles as well. Just click on comments or email to let me know!


  1. Lucky kitty! I'm still trying to get Sophie to adopt the bed...she's our "Skitty". I'm always up for knitting mags. Love to have them! I hope your week was better than mine. Bad cold, PMS, snow, indoor recess, and plenty of yelling. (I'm not a yeller, usually!)
    Glad it's the weekend! Have a good one!

  2. Can't say I blame Wookie. Looks nice and comfy and warm! Today we looked out and saw one of our strays sleeping in my trug on the porch!

  3. Hi Matty! What a sweet kitty. I love cats but I have tended to be allergic to them so I have never had one of my own. Funny thing is that I seem to be fine with the long haired ones, it is the short haired cats like siamese that really do me in. If you are looking for a home for a few of you knitting magazines, I would enjoy looking through them very much! That is such a thoughtful thing to offer. I would be happy to pay for the postage. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and please give Wookie a pet for me! Delisa :)

  4. Don't all cats think they are "special snowflakes". I love that description!!!

    New kitty, Ellie, is really testing my love. (-: She is wreaking havoc with my knitting projects; she can sever a piece of yarn in the blink of an eye. (Good thing she is a cute and cuddly little thing!)

  5. Sasha and Storm used to go after the clothes warm from the dryer. Especially Storm who was very petite. Sasha was... shall we say... fluffy? ;)

    Victoria will find the one place in the house where we have placed a dark piece of clothing.

  6. Dear Matty,

    Don't you just love cats? They all have their own personalities, don't they? But like Garfield says, no outfit is complete without a few cat hairs!



  7. Hi Matty, I was just out and about tonight and thought I would pop over and say hello! I hope you are having a nice evening tonight. Delisa :)


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