Saturday, January 21, 2012

Here's the Thing...

My sissie is going back to work starting Monday after taking a little over a year off from nursing to rest and restore. (I am not jealous.. I am not jealous... I am not... anyhow...) She has accepted a position in a large hospital working in the ER, a new thing for her, and she needed new uniforms. Mistakenly, she asked me to go with her.

Now, if you have ever seen my wardrobe, you know that I am NOT a shopping kind of gal. The fact that I have only have about four pair of pants -- black, brown, and jeans -- and about seven tops -- red, white, black, and purple -- should be the tip off that I would rather eat carp scales than shop... But, ask she did, and since I have never, in her 50 years of life, told her "no", I went.


She needed three uniforms and one pair of shoes. Now, if it had been me, I would have tried on tops and pants until I found what fit and call it a day. Not her.

"The blues don't match," she exclaimed after I carried her several pieces to try in the dressing room.

"What do you mean the blues don't match. Blue is blue," I replied.

"Nopers, Cissie, you are wrong! Can't you see that the blues are different between these tops and bottoms?" she held them out for me to see.

"Seriously? You can see that?" I responded. "Look. You are going to be working in the ER. No one is going to notice that your blues don't match," I countered.

"I will."

Two hours later we had the three uniforms. I still can't talk about the shoes....


  1. I feel like I wear a school uniform. I went to the salon the other day and the girls were all dressed as if they were off to go clubbing. I looked down at my cords and wool sweater and realized that I'm dressing as if I'm about 90. But, it's cold out there at recess!!
    Don't get me started on the shoes, either!!

  2. Ha! You are so funny Matty! I wish I could have stood in for you. I love to put outfits together and think it would be quite fun to dress mannequins in a department store. Guess it goes back to growing up in a household of girls and a mother that was a clotheshorse. Oh and shoes! Life's too short to wear ugly shoes! Even have cute Wellies with polka dots for the garden. Though I do understand a bit. When I shop with my sister it takes her two hours to select a new purse.

  3. Hi Matty! How nice that you were able to spend the day with your sister. I worked in a hospital for several years in the pharmacy and I ran all over that hospital at least ten times a day. I can relate to what your sister was doing. Sometimes working in the hospital, you become so bone dead tired and brain fried, you don't even recognize your own face in the mirror. Seeing so much sickness and pain makes you take your clothes, hair and makeup a little more seriously. Anything bright and cheery helps to brighten your own spirits as well as the patients. It helps you feel good about yourself and gives you a boost. I was not able to wear pretty scrubs like the nurses, but had to wear professional looking clothes and a white lab coat. I had three of them, each one cut and tailored just a little different for variety and I looked for bright colorful scarves and pins just so that I could express my individuality a bit. Shoes are a major issue. Your feet can become so sore standing for hours on end you could just cry. That's why nurses shoes are always made a little differently than regular tennis shoes. They have to be just right, and everyone needs support in various areas. Some shoes offer ankle or arch support, some cushion your heal. Sometimes you have to try on many before you find just the right one that makes your feet go "Ahhhh!". When that happens it's paradise. You were sure a trouper Matty! I bet she appreciated all the support. Have a great day ahead! Delisa :)


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