Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Saturday the Mister and I went for a ride. This is unusual for us as we try to conserve gas and, frankly, our time is always so full we don't give ourselves this kind of treat. Would you like to come along??

This is Little Wilson Creek.
It runs into the New River.
Notice the ice still on the creek!
It has been so cold here that we still have ice
although the temperatures have risen to the 40s! 

Can you see the little house perched on the rocks?
We decided that the house was probably lived in the last time
this car ran. It is a late 1950s Plymouth.
It still has the interior, although it has been
home to a number of critters! 

This is the view from near Whitetop, VA.
It is easy to see why this is called "The Blue Ridge"
because of the blueness of the mountains.
To orient yourself, imagine you are standing in VA and looking
"down" toward NC. The New River runs through
the little "valley" in the center of the picture. 

We couldn't help ourselves with this one!
This part of the world has a lot of huge, smooth rocks.
Can you see how this one was chiseled out
to permit the road to come through?? Isn't it marvelous?

I hope you have enjoyed your little ride through the mountains today! Come back and visit again, won't you? 


  1. Thanks for the ride Matty! I was thinking about taking a Sunday jaunt, now there's no need.

  2. Golly, I love a road trip. I used to call them "explore and finds". Just get in the car and go...taking a turn here and there. Such fun...especially when you find a great antique store or farm stand!
    Thanks for the ride!

  3. I love seeing the area from your car.

    It was quite an adventure driving the mountains in Virginia and West Virgina (especially W.V.) in our van that refused to go over 50 mph going up the mountains.

    While I find the mountains gorgeous (especially the Smokey Mountains)... I decided to fly should we go to Colonial Williamsburg again. Either that or buy a Hummer.

    So I will depend on your pictures.

  4. Hi Matty, such a beautiful Sunday drive! We did that a few weeks ago right before all the leaves fell. We have family in Virginia and have several friends we have met here in Georgia who were originally from Virginia. I have heard so many stories I feel like I have been there. I love the Blue Ridge Mountains, I saw them two years ago when we made a trip to North Carolina. What beautiful and majestic country! Love the old abandoned house and car. We have a few places like that tucked in here and there too. It is just amazing to me when I see such things, having been raised in Los Angeles! If it wasn't nailed down it was gone! :) Have a nice evening! Delisa :)

  5. Wonderful drive!!! Especially love the rock with the road through it. Always so interesting to see how the road builders dealt with the obstacles in their way - gives the roads their character!



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