Monday, January 2, 2012


Have you ever had a knitting project, or any project for that matter, that refuses to be done? You may remember the prayer shawl burning a few years ago.... It was a moment that I wasn't very proud of, yet I have to admit, it felt good to do.

I am nearly at that point with my current project.

Have you seen this book??

It is a marvelous book and I have enjoyed knitting shawls from it in the past. It is well written and the designs are fascinating! I have started the Ireland Folk Shawl and it is lovely.

The problem is: I can't count. I started the shawl a few years ago and quit because, frankly, I am not such a good knitter from charts. I learned to knit from written instructions and I have difficulty making the transition. Well, in a fit of clearing out UFOs this was on the top of the list. I love the shawl. Really. Love. It. So, out it came from time out and we started visiting each other every night.

I have ripped out more than I have knit. The pattern is a series of four rows of pattern in five sections. It isn't that difficult, really. It just seems that I can't keep my yarn over and knit two together straight. Finally, though, today, I have hit my stride. The body of the shawl requires five pattern repeats. Then, there is a knit lace border. I can't wait to start that as it is always my favorite part of any shawl pattern -- to knit on the lace edging!

What do you do when you get stumped by a pattern??


  1. I just look at a knitting pattern and my eyes cross!...So I quit looking at I cant wait to see it when you get it done...

  2. I do a lot of un-knitting! And I really can't have a nice glass of wine and hope to knit anything more challenging than a basic knit stitch! LOL I also keep written checklists in a notebook and mark off each row as I do it. I haven't knitted lace for a couple of years. I'd love to knit a good shawl though.
    Good luck!

  3. I know what you mean Matty! I started on a lacy shawl last year. After writing out the pattern from the chart, and laboriously making a note of the stitch count for each row, it just never came out right. Spent hours upon hours trying the pattern, trying to make it work, placing markers between each of the many repeats.But it just never worked. Would you like some very expensive extra, extra fine merino wool in lavender?

  4. I know...I had a cross stitch project like that. I finally just gave up and donated it to Goodwill. I figured someone else would finish it!

  5. Hi Matty, yes, this has happened to me before too, many times. I have had patterns, that won't flow no matter how hard I try. Sometimes, putting it down and coming back with fresh eyes helps, and there are other times when I have gone to war with it, refusing to quit, it is me or the pattern! :) But I have also tossed projects too, deciding that for whatever reason, they are just not bringing me any joy. I had a real "sock meltdown" at the beginning of last summer when I was trying to learn the kitchener stitch. But for the most part, I try to take it in stride and concentrate on the patterns that help me relax and destress. It is fun though to really challenge yourself every once in a while. I typically have two projects going at any given time. One that simple, that I can work on while I'm watching TV or not feeling well and then a more complex one that challenges my skill set. Before I pick up a project I always ask myself what mood I am in or how much pain I am feeling? Then I work on the project that will be the most fun.

    Have a nice morning! Delisa :)

  6. Hi Matty, I hope you are having a nice morning and are beginning to feel better. I clicked on the picture of one of you old posts "The When Will It End Shawl" and read about your "Dragon Shawl" from Dec. 2010. Oh my goodness Matty, what a work of art. It is so beautiful. You are a really amazing knitter, that is some of the prettiest lace I have ever seen. I was able to stop in at the yarn shop when I was in Beaufort and I bought 150 yds of this really special yarn, it is fingering weight and made of mohair and silk. It has the tiniest little crystals woven into it and is kind of a silver/ taupe color. I had this idea of making a small neck wrap for my mother-in-law. I started working with it last night and struggled with it for two hours, growing more frustrated and discouraged as I tore it out for the 5th time. Seeing your beautiful shawl this morning was really encouraging, I am determined that this yarn is not going to get the better of me! :) Have a great day, and feel better real soon! Delisa :)

  7. Well I will be honest, I tried to do a lacey tam, ripped it out over a dozen times. I finally moved on to something different!! Good luck xoxo Clarice


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